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What are pinned messages?

Pinned messages are a feature that enables administrators of group channels or conversations to highlight important information for all to see.

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Typically, pinned messages are displayed at the top of a message thread or conversation. This ensures that high-priority information remains visible to participants, such as announcements, updates, or instructions. Pinned messages make it easy for channel members to find and access key information, even in large channels with a high volume of incoming messages.

Benefits of pinned messages

  • Increased engagement: Pinned messages promote clear and organized communication, reducing redundancy while providing access to important updates, details, notes, and historical context that supports engagement in current conversations.

  • Improved user experience: Users appreciate the ability to quickly reference key information, resources, or community guidelines they need to stay current with the conversation.

  • Easier onboarding: Pinned messages allow businesses to highlight key onboarding instructions, tutorials, or FAQs that help new users get value from the app without delays.

Use case for pinned messages

  • User conversations: Highlighting essential information or resources for quick reference helps to promote context-rich conversation with minimal redundancy and confusion.

  • Live streaming: Pinned messages provide live-stream participants with easy access to essential context, details, or assets without poring through chat history or disrupting the stream.

  • Operations: Teams use pinned messages to point to critical assets, milestones, or task reminders, helping participants to be more efficient and effective in collaborative settings.

  • On-demand services: Pinned messages allow service providers to elevate the visibility of high-priority announcements, promotions, policy changes, or updates for a wide audience.

  • Social and communities: Group administrators and moderators use pinned messages to inform group members of upcoming events and updates to community guidelines to maintain an informed and respectful messaging environment.

The pinned messages features help to enrich the messaging experience, allowing users to emphasize key content, streamline communication, and provide easy access to critical information. This feature is included in the chat APIs from Sendbird and other leading in-app communications platforms.

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