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What are reactions?

Reactions are a feature that allows users to respond to a message with emojis and icons that match their thoughts or feelings.

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Emojis and icons (e.g. hearts, thumbs up, smiley faces) provide users with a concise, visually expressive way to interact with message content without having to type. Due to their popularity with users, reactions are a staple feature of chat services such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Slack, and many others. 

Users have access to a wide range of different emojis and icons to represent various emotions or responses. Reactions are often designed to be positive or neutral, expressing agreement or amusement rather than negative emotion.

Reactions help to drive engagement

Reactions are a convenient, lighthearted way for users to communicate and convey feelings without a verbal response. They streamlined communications while adding a layer of expressiveness and fun to conversations. This fosters a more dynamic, interactive user experience that leads to more engagement.

Use cases for reactions

  • In-app chat: Reactions allow users to quickly acknowledge messages and express how they feel, simplifying and enhancing the response process to drive engagement.

  • Operations: Teams use reactions within collaboration tools like Slack to acknowledge messages, show support, and express agreement in discussion or group threads.

  • Customer support: Agents can use reactions to enhance communications with customers, adding a dollop of personality to improve the overall user experience.

  • Social and online communities: Reactions are a common way for users to express their feelings about posts, comments, and content, helping to promote engagement.

  • Education: Students can indicate understanding, agreement, or confusion during virtual classes or lectures with reactions.

  • Polls and surveys: reactions appear in in-app features like polls and surveys, allowing users to provide quick feedback to prompts and questions on various topics.

Reactions streamline communications and promote user engagement. This feature is available in the SDKs (software development kits) and UI (user interface) kits provided by Sendbird and other in-app communications platforms. These kits allow developers to quickly build and customize the reactions feature to their specific project, without coding from scratch.

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