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What is a unified inbox?

Unified inbox is a feature that combines all the conversations and communications a user has with a business and other users into a single, centralized message interface.

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This allows users to easily manage and engage with various types of personal and brand-related messages, including support tickets, conversations, promotions, and order updates without leaving the app. The unified inbox feature provides a holistic view of all in-app message threads, helping to organize and simplify the communications experience between a business, customers, and other users.

Benefits of a unified inbox

  • Streamlined experience: Instead of bouncing between email, SMS, and apps, users can manage notifications and updates in one place. This holistic view makes the post-purchase, marketing, or service experience more convenient for users.

  • Time savings: Having one hub for all communications related to purchases, marketing, and customer support saves users time and effort compared to juggling multiple channels.

  • Increased time in-app: Enabling users to find all brand communications in a consolidated hub that also hosts their direct messages and group conversations helps to reduce distraction and retain attention.

  • Improved marketing: A unified inbox provides a dedicated message thread for marketing communications, enhancing awareness and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Use cases for a unified inbox

  • Marketing: A unified inbox calls attention to time-sensitive offers, announcements, and promotions that appear in their own marketing-specific message thread.

  • Sales conversations: Users benefit from a dedicated thread where they can ask sales teams questions, place orders, and review transactions in one place.

  • Customer support: A dedicated support thread allows customers to initiate and continue service queries without leaving the app, improving experiences and outcomes.

  • Order updates and deliveries: Users can review order updates, track deliveries, and initiate contact with service providers from within your app.

  • Community conversations and DMs: A unified inbox brings together all branded communications as well as personal conversations and group chats into a single unified in-app messaging experience.

Meant to imitate the experience of messaging with friends, the unified inbox feature is an upgrade to the messaging experience. It aggregates all message threads, allowing users to interact with all user- and business-related content in one place. You can explore this feature in the user dashboard of Sendbird and other leading in-app communications platforms.

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