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What is connectivity?

Connectivity is the ability of computer systems, devices, or networks to establish and maintain communications with each other over the internet.

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It enables the connected entities to seamlessly communicate, transfer data, and access shared resources. Connectivity can be established using wireless connections (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks) or wired connections (such as Ethernet cables or USB connections).

How in-app communications rely on connectivity

  • Real-time messaging: Connectivity allows users to send and receive instant messages. In-app communications platforms allow you to establish connectivity between users, and then create a seamless conversational experience in the app.

  • Media sharing: In-app messaging platforms establish the connected state that allows users to share a range of rich media, such as videos, voice recordings, or documents.

  • Push notifications: Push notifications allow you to alert users about new messages and updates even if the app isn’t open, which requires connectivity.

  • Device synchronization: Connectivity allows users to sync message history across different platforms, and maintain a consistent experience across devices.

  • Integration: Your in-app messaging function integrates with other services and platforms, and connectivity enables different platforms to communicate and share data seamlessly.

Unlike SMS messages that use cellular data and traditional telephony networks, apps require internet connectivity to send and receive messages. This means that users with unreliable connectivity may struggle or be unable to compose, send, and receive messages.

For this reason, leading in-app communications platforms like Sendbird offer a feature called offline messaging. This feature allows users to draft messages while out of service, and have messages delivered automatically once they re-establish connectivity. This feature is most helpful to users in underserved or remote areas, but goes a long way to improving the everyday experience of in-app communications.

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