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What is functionality?

Functionality is the set of features, capabilities, and actions that a software application can perform to meet user needs and achieve its intended purpose.

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This encompasses how software visibly responds to user inputs and the internal processes that enable those outward-facing interactions. In other words, Functionality is what an app can do, how it responds to user input, and the interactions users have access to within the user interface (UI).

Examples of in-app functionality


Functionality can be the features (or functions) an app offers users. These can range from basic actions like data input to complex tasks like integration. Examples of feature functionality for in-app messaging platforms can include:

  • Emojis and stickers
  • Typing indicators
  • Read receipts
  • Message history
  • Rich media content

User flows

Functionality includes how users navigate the app, including the pathways they take and the actions they perform. Examples of user flow functionality include user interface (UI) elements and other modules that allow users to visually experience and move around the app, such as:

  • Buttons
  • Menus
  • Forms
  • Icons
  • Widgets


The ability to integrate and interact with other systems is another common form of app functionality. This enables the app to communicate with external systems, exchange data, access APIs, and perform actions that span multiple software platforms (which leads to further access to features and Functionality). Examples of integration functionality for mobile apps can include:

  • User authentication
  • CRM integration
  • Push notifications
  • Third-party analytics
  • Bot integration
  • Automation

Functionality is the foundation of a feature-rich messaging experience that’s flexible for businesses and rewarding for users. When businesses use API platforms, one of the main reasons is to access the in-app functionality that the platform provides, without the need to code the functionality from scratch.

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