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What is mention count?

Mention count is a feature that reflects the number of times a user’s handle or username has been tagged in a conversation or group channel.

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This visual indicator gives users a quick summary of their cumulative mentions in a particular thread. It helps to encourage engagement, streamline communication and task assignments, and foster a more responsive conversation experience.

Benefits of mention count

  • Message prioritization: Mention count allows users to quickly identify and prioritize messages that require attention, ensuring that important and timely messages don’t get overlooked.

  • Increased engagement: When paired with push notifications, mention count helps to draw users back into the app, encouraging them to reply to messages, initiate actions or tasks, join events or discussions, and more.

  • Responsiveness: Businesses, administrators, and support teams often rely on mention count to ensure a rapid, effective response to critical information and scenarios.

Use cases for mention count

  • In-app group chat: Mention counts highlight the messages and threads that directly concern them, reducing the need to read every message.

  • Operations: Teams rely on mention counts in collaboration platforms like Slack to get notified when their input is required or they’ve been assigned a new task.

  • Customer support: Mention counts help improve the service quality, allowing a business to count mentions of its brand handle on social media, and helping agents prioritize urgent requests in helpdesk software.

  • Social apps: Mention count is a staple of social apps, indicating an individual’s level of engagement and attention they receive from others to promote engagement.

  • Live streaming: Mentions count can point to your most engaged users during livestream events, helping your business to evaluate influencer partners and identify brand advocates for marketing purposes.

  • Online communities: Group administrators refer to mentions to ensure they respond to critical situations, including alerts for automated or manual content moderation.

The mention count feature helps users to efficiently manage their messages and cut down on information overload, while businesses use it to ensure timely communications and responses. This feature is available in the SDKs (software development kits) and UI (user interface) kits provided by Sendbird and other in-app communications platforms. These resources allow developers to quickly build and customize the mention count feature, without coding from scratch.

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