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What is message translation?

Message translation is a feature that automatically converts messages from one language to another.

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This allows users who speak different languages to communicate and understand each other's messages without having to manually enter the message content into an external translator app. Message translation is a standard feature in messaging services, allowing for seamless interactions and user experiences for users the world over.

Benefits of message translation

  • Global growth and support: Automatic message translation allows a business to serve and support a global community in its app, fostering multilingual exchanges between users without language barriers.

  • Improved user experience: Users appreciate the ability to interact seamlessly with a diversity of cultures in a single app, expanding its usability and appeal.

Use cases for message translation

  • In-app chat: Instantaneous translation allows apps to support conversation between users of different languages, fostering growth and improving the user experience.

  • Marketing: Message translation helps marketers to effectively engage audiences in different languages through push notifications and in-app messages that arrive translated into the customers’ native tongue.

  • Customer support and clienteling: The translation feature allows support agents in any country to offer responsive and instant support to customers anywhere.

  • Cross-border operations: Translation enables teams in different global regions to communicate seamlessly without the delay of using external translation services.

  • Online gaming: Online gaming communities often span multiple continents and rely on real-time 1:1 and group chat. Message translation ensures that users can understand one another despite the language barrier.

  • Social media: Translation is vital to social media and large in-app user networks, enabling bilingual exchanges with instantaneous language processing capabilities.

  • Marketplaces: Platforms unite buyers and sellers from across the globe by providing message translation to enable seamless interactions, negotiations, and transactions.

Message translation helps to foster inclusivity and collaboration among diverse user groups, as well as drive business growth in new markets. You can find this feature in the user dashboard of Sendbird and other leading in-app communications platforms.

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