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in-app messaging.
Now on Braze.

Power a fully native in-app messaging experience that engages your users more than ever before.

Braze m

Take in-app messaging to another level

Flexible message types

Easily create custom message types to send users every kind of notifications.

Customizable UX

Build the exact notifications user experience for your users’ needs.

Bi-directional conversations

Send in-app messages in bi-directional conversational experiences.

Send all types of messages. Receive in the same app screen.

Message templates
Message templates for every use case
Organize messages in neat sections
Edit variables in messages easily 

Launch quickly

Drop in a pre-built Notification Center in your app with a few lines of code. Customize as you would like.

Use existing workflows effortlessly

Compose and send personalized in-app messages from Braze with zero dev support.

Braze send with ease
1. Instantly Connect

Connect to your Braze account.

2. Effortlessly Compose & Send

Use templates to compose and send messages from a code-free notification builder.

3. Easily Track & Learn

Track performance of your messages and learn what resonates with your users.

Engage your customers at every step of their app journey

Convert your most active users, drive feature adoption, send promotional offers or personalized recommendations.

Promotional offers

Deliver promotional offers and discounts to drive conversions and transactions.

Personalized recommendations

Re-engage lapsed users with personalized recommendations of content and products.

Recurring billing and payments

Alert customers about payment dues, successes, billing dates, and send e-receipts.

Order status

Update customers of their order and delivery progress with bi-directional notifications.

Account notifications

Alert customers with updates on important account and service information.


Guide users to complete registration or drive adoption of app features or complete payments.

Highly secure with guaranteed delivery


Trigger notifications workflows from back-end code using a simple API.

Deliverability at scale

Ready for enterprise-scale. Our platform delivers over 7 billion messages to over 300 million users every month.


Sendbird Notifications is SOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001 certified as well as GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Ready for the next generation of mobile notifications?