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Build chat app

Build a chat app with features your users will love

Keep up with the modern experience users expect by implementing a comprehensive chat and messaging app.

Img messaging essentials Img messaging essentials

Exceed user expectations with sophisticated chat

Real-time chat is ubiquitous. As the digital workforce grows, organizations need to push the limits to stay relevant now more than ever — and that makes a messaging app that accommodates high-volume interactions even more vital in expanding online communities. By providing a safe and reliable place to send and receive rich media, a robust chat app digitizes human interaction while facilitating engaged listening, which enables you to better understand the user experience across all channels.

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Leverage API and SDK to accelerate growth

Building a chat app in-house and from scratch can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Sendbird’s API and SDK backend allows developers to treat chat as a product — not a feature — by offering full scalability and personalization without lagging development times. With a dependable infrastructure in place, your brand can continuously curate experiences that align with customer demands and business goals.

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Boost engagement with flexible, customizable features

Personalization is the key to satisfying the unique needs of your customers. By offering myriad chat features and channels, you’ll encourage and empower users to engage with online communities in ways that align with their unique needs and preferences. From public chat to group messaging and video, an expansive in-app experience helps you better understand how your customers prefer to interact so you can foster more genuine digital connections. Sendbird will do more than show you how to build a messaging app that connects growing communities through chat, voice and video — we’ll build it for you.

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Transform online communities with intelligent chat and video solutions

The ability to connect with customers so they feel heard and understood is the ultimate goal of first-rate customer service. Our sophisticated features enable global communication between all types of users to deepen cross-channel connection and engagement. By employing tools that are as unique and intelligent as your customers, you can achieve a more modern user experience. A full-featured messaging app can help captivate users and facilitate the creation of online communities through secure, customizable chat solutions. With Sendbird’s full portfolio of products and services, you can leverage high-conversion chat, video and messaging experiences as a catalyst for deeper, more meaningful connections in a digital world.