Chat for Gaming | Drive Higher LTV with Social Gamers

Build immersive chat experiences that retain your social gamers

SendBird's Chat APIs and SDKs help game developers build chat in their games, so players engage for longer, encourage team-play, build communities, and discover new titles.

Extend your game's life and player attention with live chat

Re-engage lapsed players and keep social gamers informed by broadcasting messages. Give your community a space to rest, boast, chat, share strategy and then jump right back into the game together.

Fuel organic growth with cross-game, cross-platform chat

Keep users engaged in-game longer with a unified chat experience. Add cross-game and -platform chat to retain more gamers, and help them to discover new titles.

Discover valuable insights from in-game interactions

Analyze gamer interactions and discover what factors drive the best and worst experiences. Then use these insights to improve or personalize your game and services.

Gamers: Team up, chat, for the win

SendBird provides premium messaging experiences so you can retain and engage the best social gamers across games and platforms. That's why innovative gaming studios and publishers, like Sega, Wargaming, and Nexon use SendBird.

Connect social gamers to the rest of the community with 1-on-1 messaging, group chats, and open public channels. Unify gamers across games on any platform. Then use the chat data to generate real time insights on what's trending to improve your games and services.

Talk to an expert

Wargaming, a multinational game developer and publisher with 20 offices worldwide, uses SendBird's Unity SDK to power a full social experience and chat for new titles across different platforms.

Gamers are g2g with in-game chat

Complete social and chat experiences

Create easy to use communication channels and a great integrated way to play together

Messaging for any situation

Friend chat ∙ Group chat ∙ Lobby chat

Successful communication

Friends lists ∙ Invitations ∙ @mentions ∙ Online status ∙ Push notifications

Built-in safety for chat communities

Profanity filters ∙ Moderation tools ∙ Image moderation

The standard in high-scale, cross-platform chat

Application crashes, slow load times, lost messages, players only notice the effectiveness of your backend infrastructure when things go wrong. Give players a memorable experience for the right reasons.

Build chat across any game, any platform

Sync messaging and real-time data across platforms ∙ Message across all your game titles ∙ Multiple push notification certificates

Scale for massive online multiplayer games

Scale over 1 million concurrent chat connections and 500 million messages per day, per app

Across every platform

Unity ∙ iOS ∙ Android ∙ JavaScript ∙ React Native

Listen to your players. Improve your game.

Collect and store meaningful chat data. Generate real-time insights to see what's trending.

Chat data

Message Retrieval API ∙ Data Export API

Chat analytics

Chat Analytics ∙ Chat History ∙ Metadata

Privacy and security first

ISO27001 ∙ HIPAA ∙ GDPR ∙ EU-US Privacy Shield