Sendbird vs. Stream:
A head-to-head comparison

#1 chat API for leading brands

Sendbird is the leading in-app chat, voice, and video API for market leaders who connect and engage tens of millions of users every day. Sendbird is trusted by global brands such as Reddit, Hinge, Paytm, Delivery Hero, and Teladoc.

Primarily an activity feed for apps

Stream’s main product is an activity feed API servicing customers such as CNBC Sports and Crunchbase. Stream also offers a chat product predominantly to smaller-scale startups and SMB customers.

Trusted by the world's most popular apps

The apps that hundreds of millions of users rely on every day are built on Sendbird.


Monthly active chat users


Messages a month


Concurrent chat users


Global developers

At Sendbird,

we believe that choosing a communication API is for the long term. Sendbird has been supporting high-scale, global apps like Reddit from day one and for years. When you look at Sendbird and Stream head-to-head, Sendbird delivers a superior and more mature chat solution that can be enriched with voice and video conversations, or used for customer support. Over the years, Sendbird has won the trust of leading customers and built its interaction platform for scale, reliability, and performance.

Sendbird Chat

The richest and the most scalable chat API.

Sendbird Calls

High-quality voice and video for engaging group and direct calls.

Sendbird Desk

The best support agent interface for live chat customer support.

Why Sendbird is the only Stream alternative

If the priority is providing the best possible chat experience for your end users, Sendbird is the clear choice over Stream.