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Build advanced messaging with chat services,and save developer resources

Sendbird chat services
A chat service enables full implementation of in-app chat experiences without requiring in-house development. With products like Sendbird’s chat API, you can easily integrate advanced chat features for your users, and avoid the difficulties and resource drains of self-hosting.
Sendbird chat services resources Sendbird chat services resources

Advanced solutions without the resource drain

Take advantage of flexible developer tools and customer-favorite features while avoiding the complexities of self-hosted chats. Chat services alleviate the headache of developing, troubleshooting and updating your in-app messaging while prioritizing user experience. Chat software offers:

Simplified integration

Creating a self-hosted chat drains development resources. With an easy-to-use chat API, you can install a chat service in under 10 minutes, so your developers and IT team can focus on other business goals.

Customizable infrastructure

Build a chat experience with flexible developer tools that cater to your target users. A developer-friendly API enables customization, without requiring specialized skills to set up unique features.

Customer-centric features

Use chat APIs to introduce complex chat functions into your app without hours of development time. Chat software features like diverse file capabilities, advanced analytics and message moderation go a long way toward optimizing user experience and growing engagement.

Sendbird chat services benefits Sendbird chat services benefits

Chat solutions tailored to your business and industry

Unique customer needs require unique solutions. Chat services empower users across industries to reach business-specific goals by providing adaptable features. With easy-to-use APIs, chat services provide tools to help you:

Broaden communities

Social apps, marketplaces and other solutions require chat group capabilities that serve more than a few dozen users. Rather than re-developing and re-deploying your chat to scale with your business, a chat service intelligently accommodates your growing customer base.

Lockdown digital privacy

In industries like healthcare, privacy and data security are paramount. Provide users the same privacy as their doctor’s office with chat services. With Sendbird’s chat API, your healthcare app gives users peace of mind that their personal information is secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant. When your customers’ privacy is protected, you improve your team’s ability to maintain constant compliance.

Monitor user safety

Make your livestream, gaming or social app users feel protected in your online community. Chat software allows effortless integration of message filters and encrypted files without requiring your team to take on the responsibilities of developing tools for community moderation.

Simplify your chat development with Sendbird's chat API

With Sendbird's chat API, you'll implement advanced, industry specific features with ease. Unlike self-hosted chats, you support your company's target users by providing scalable social experiences, safety features and advanced messaging developer friendly tools.

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