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Keep your customer and data close with in-app messaging

In app messaging
By enabling users to send and receive chats while they’re active on a mobile app, in-app messaging consolidates your brand interactions and amplifies your ability to reach customers. With chat APIs like Sendbird, integrate in-app messaging to drive business results by improving user experiences, brand cohesion and data access.
In app messaging optimization In app messaging optimization

Integrate and optimize crucial assets

Unlike standalone messaging systems, in-app messaging gives you the opportunity to keep customer interactions and informative analytics under one umbrella. Maintaining close proximity to customers and data allows for positive customer engagement and strategic data use. Increased access to customers and data allows you to:

Interact in real time

Integrated messaging supports communication with customers as they’re connected with your app in real time. By reaching customers while they’re already in conversation with your brand, you provide seamless opportunities for positive engagement.

Inform strategy with owned data

While isolated messaging systems require you to source data from another platform, in-app messaging allows you to own and oversee your data. Sendbird’s chat APIs enable full control over your messaging data so advanced analytics inform your business’ next move.

Establish customer connections

In-app chat rooms bring customers closer to your brand. By keeping interactions inside your app, you create convenient customer service options and maintain brand consistency.

Im app messaging engagement Im app messaging engagement

Unlock user engagement tools

As their lives are increasingly digitized, customers expect authenticity and speed from online services. With in-app messaging, you can foster deeper connections with and between users while creating convenient in-app experiences. With integrated messaging, you offer:

Customer experiences

With a messaging hub in your app, you’ll help users feel less like a number and more like a person to your brand. In-app chats improve response times and provide customized assistance so that your customer service is both prompt and personal.

Cohesive Communities

Foster connections between users by creating chat groups. In-app groups help your customers find communities, explore interests and engage with like-minded users.

Information Channels

Whether you provide digital health services or run a global marketplace, integrated messaging keeps your customers up to date in one convenient location. In-app communication keeps users engaged with announcements about account updates, app features, promotions and more.

Access the benefits of in-app messaging with Sendbird’s chat API

Sendbird’s developer-friendly chat APIs enable you to quickly implement in-app messaging to serve your customers and accelerate your business goals. Upgrade your software with personalized user experiences, cohesive branding and increased data access with Sendbird.

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