Chat SDK

Chat SDKs for building in-app chat

With these Sendbird Chat SDKs, you have everything you need to build world-class in-app messaging experiences. Plus there’s plenty of tutorials, samples, and docs to get you up and running.

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An overview of our messaging SDKs

Create your own Whatsapp, Discord, Slack, or Intercom with our chat SDKs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, .Net, Unity, and Flutter.

Apple SDK


Looking to build a fantastic custom iOS chat app? You’ll be ready for the App Store in no time with the iOS Sendbird Chat SDK.

Android SDK

Android SDK

If you want to add best-in-class chat to your Android app, look no further. Here’s the SDK you need to make it happen.


Javascript SDK

With Sendbird Chat SDK for JavaScript, you can efficiently integrate and customize real-time chat into your web app.

Flutter SDK

Flutter SDK

Easily build a world-class messaging experience across apps on multiple platforms with our Sendbird Chat Flutter SDK.

Unity SDK

Unity SDK

With the Sendbird Chat SDK for Unity, build-in fun and engaging live chat experiences to your game.



Already spending a lot of time in Visual Studio? With Sendbird Chat SDK for .NET, create real-time chat into a client app to your specific requirements.

An overview of our
chat UIKits

Get to market fast with our Sendbird Chat UIKits for Android, iOS, and the web using React.

React SDK

React UIKit

Quickly build a fully-featured chat app for the web with our easy-to-use React library and pre-made UIs.



Save time building a world-class iOS messaging app with our pre-built UI components.

Android SDK

Android UIKit

Speed up chat development in your mobile app with our feature-rich ready-made UI components.

Did you know that developers at the world’s leading companies are building modern and scalable chat experiences with Sendbird?

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  • Developers First

    Developers first

    From evaluation to production and maintenance, we will help you along the way with fantastic SDKs, UIKits, sample apps, dashboards, docs, and our white-glove support.

  • Scalable and reliable

    Scalable and reliable

    With over 200 million users, we’ve built the most production-proven chat infrastructure used by the world's leading brands such as Reddit, PayTM, and DoorDash.

  • Global & performant

    Global & performant

    Our global cloud infrastructure already includes servers in 9 countries to optimize global latency and reliability. Our chat edge network is available too, but you won’t need it.

  • Secure and compliant

    Secure and compliant

    Sendbird is SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA/HITECH, as well as GDPR compliant. From TLS encryption to security compliance, Sendbird delivers the most secure chat API and infrastructure.