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Message customers with a reliable SMS API

Reach a broader audience with a scalable text messaging API perfect for developers, and a user-friendly SMS software for all your teams. With Sendbird's text messaging software you can achieve:

Message circle notification
Effective mobile messaging
Unified control center for any team
Chart line up
Multilayered data & analytics
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Complete your mobile omnichannel reach
with a text messaging API

High open rates

One of the highest rates among communication channels, ensuring that your message is seen by nearly every recipient.

Immediate delivery

SMS notifications are delivered almost instantly, making them ideal for time-sensitive information.

Wider reach

With mobile phones prevalence, SMS engages vast audiences, including those without internet access or your app.

Deliver critical SMS messages across
the entire customer journey

Alerts and notifications

Send time-sensitive SMS notifications and account alerts via a reliable SMS API.

Appointment reminders

Minimize no-shows with SMS reminders sent from your systems with our SMS API.

SMS marketing

Deliver SMS marketing messages and promotions to boost leads and sales with our SMS API.


Authenticate users via SMS to block bots and build customer confidence.

Learn how Porter saved 30% on SMS with
Sendbird Business Messaging

Porter case study img

Business challenge

Porter faced challenges in effectively communicating with its driver-partner base, sending 10 million monthly messages that often went unread, leading to more customer support queries and higher costs.


"Sendbird has proven to be very helpful in significantly increasing engagement for notifications. We have been able to achieve higher conversions along with greater savings on our SMS communications. The successful integration of notification solutions into the system has seen a surge in our brand-to-user communications."

Apurva Shetty | Product Manager at Porter


message open rate


message delivery rate


cost savings moving off SMS

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messaging to the next level?