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How to use white-label chat solutions to build a cohesive app ecosystem

White label chat
Provide your customers with premium in-app experiences that enable new levels of connectedness. Merge white-label chat with API and SDK messaging to manage all your interaction experiences in one, comprehensive, simple-to-use platform.
White label chat messaging White label chat messaging

Provide optimized chat functionalities

Users love messaging. In fact, adding messaging features increases app retention by 3x. Modern users also expect intuitive app structures and personalized features. By implementing white-label chat using an API or an SDK for a specific mobile platform, you can give your app an enhanced, reliable foundation. This fast-track development approach enables maximum chat and messaging with minimal effort — so you can continue to curate experiences that align with customer demands and business goals.

White label chat security White label chat security

Strengthen your brand integrity and app security

A more connected world unlocks new and exciting digital opportunities, but it also creates more cyberthreats. A 2019 tech survey showed that 79% of Americans are concerned about how companies use their data. As consumer trust wavers, brands must work overtime to demonstrate their trustworthiness. Backed by a secure cloud infrastructure, white-label chat solutions strategically omit vendor branding so your app can achieve the appearance of a custom-built platform — without sacrificing control over data or user experiences. With the stability and security of a back-end chat service, you can refocus energy and resources on providing meaningful value to your customers.

White label chat capabilities White label chat capabilities

Enrich user experiences with custom features

Messaging apps have become increasingly popular over the past several years and COVID-19 only accelerated the trend. As people continue to digitize their daily activities, consider which features can foster deeper human connections directly with your users, and between them. Capabilities to consider include:

  • Rich media sharing: Share gifs, video, audio, images and more in an automatically rendered thumbnail.
  • Push notification settings: Keep users in the loop with custom announcements and alerts.
  • Real-time updates: Allow users to gain profile history and insights with typing indicators, read receipts, group lists and more.
  • Interest-specific communities: Ensure your users feel a sense of community with the ability to create private and public group chats.

White label chat tools White label chat tools

Use advanced chat tools to drive user engagement

You don’t have to reinvent chat every time the digital landscape shifts. Sendbird’s secure, white-label solutions are backed by reliable cloud infrastructures to create and maintain your app’s usability. APIs and SDKs are natural complements to chatbot platforms or other development tools, expertly handling real-time communication at scale — whether it’s user-to-user, user-to-business, buyer-to-buyer or buyer-to-seller. A solution that retains the integrity of your brand will get users to download your app — but a rich app experience ensures they continue to use it.

Looking to facilitate conversations to bring and keep users in your app? Implement a white-label chat solution from Sendbird.