Sendbird partners with AWS to support massive scale

Sendbird leverages AWS to power its consumer engagement platform, supporting some of the largest chat deployments in the world at customers like Delivery Hero, Reddit, and Yahoo.

Sendbird is a leading consumer engagement API platform trusted by modern digital-first apps like Paytm, Reddit, Ola, Dream11, Careem, Hinge, and Carousel. Sendbird allows any app, or website, to quickly and easily embed rich real-time chat, voice, and video into their app to help build connections with their users.

Sendbird with the help of AWS powers in-app chat and video for the world's leading companies in industries ranging from marketplaces, ride sharing, food delivery, and online communities, to gaming, live video streaming, and healthcare.

Sendbird is an AWS Technology Partner Advanced Tier and a member of the APN Global Startup Program

Sendbird’s products include:

A world-class communication infrastructure

Sendbird uses dozens of services from AWS to power the Sendbird consumer engagement platform across chat, voice and video.

Real-time performance

Sendbird connects users in real-time conversations in order to build engagement, drive transactions, or get support. In order to do so with lightning fast performance, Sendbird uses Amazon ElastiCache as an in-memory data store and cache.

Massively scalable architecture

Sendbird services some of the largest deployments in the world for tens of millions of monthly active users and millions of peak concurrent connections on a single app. Sendbird leverages Amazon EC2 to achieve this kind of scale.

Triple Redundant Servers

All data is stored on Amazon databases including Amazon Aurora. Amazon Aurora provides Sendbird with triple redundancy and the ability to gracefully manage spikes in traffic. Sendbird is able to pass these benefits of high availability and performance on to its customers.

Peace of Mind

With Sendbird and AWS, customers get the power of the leading in-app consumer engagement platform on the market backed by the leading cloud infrastructure provider in AWS. Founders, CTOs, and product leaders can rest assured that their mobile app experiences and data are in good hands, so that they can focus on their own business.

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