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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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A letter to Applozic’s customers

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Mar 31, 2022
John kim
John S. Kim
CEO & Co-Founder of Sendbird
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

We’ve heard from many of you that Applozic will be sunsetting their chat offering in April 2022. We empathize with Applozic and the businesses forced to explore alternatives on a tight deadline.

We urge you to choose a stable, trusted chat partner that can offer you long-term commitment in Sendbird. The chat space is a crowded and competitive field, and we have built the most proven conversations platform to support over 250 Million active users every month. We’re grateful to have raised $220 million funding as a testament to investor confidence in our company and dedication to customer success.

How Sendbird can help

We have set up a dedicated technical team to answer your questions, offer step-by-step migration support, and do everything possible to ease your transition from Applozic so there’s negligible impact on your users.

Sendbird has a lot of experience helping companies and developers migrate from legacy chat providers. Our migration API, backed by global support teams, have assisted countless companies through chat migrations–including the likes of Hinge, Accolade, Paytm, Motive (formerly KeepTruckin), RallyHealth, CommonStock, Branch Messenger, and Dubizzle, to name a few.

After helping Hinge migrate to Sendbird for another now-defunct chat provider, CTO Ben Celebicic offered the following feedback: “We decided on Sendbird primarily for two reasons: their product seemed very much in line with our needs (i.e., richly-featured chat service), and their client base gave us confidence that they would be able to handle our traffic and projected growth.”

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Virgin Mobile UAE improved their CSAT with Sendbird Desk.

Reduce risk and ensure reliability

Like Hinge, the world’s leading mobile apps choose Sendbird because they have confidence that we’re the right long-term chat partner. We’re a proven solution that is not going to go down, so engineering teams don’t need to worry about incidents and load management.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our platform is safe, stable and reliable. Sendbird delivers low-latency, resilience, and compliance, and currently powers over 250 million MAUs.

Get chat up and running quickly, while ensuring future flexibility

When migrating to Sendbird, development teams will save time with our well designed and documented APIs and SDKs for major platforms and languages including Flutter, React, JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin, Unity, Unreal, and .Net.

Our client SDKs, platform APIs, and webhooks enable you to create whatever custom user experiences and workflows you need to maintain the existing chat functionality in your app and deliver enhancements in the future.

Furthermore, UIKits for React, iOS, Android enable you to easily build modern, full-featured chat experiences with pre-built UI components.

Ready to talk about next steps?

Sendbird believes conversations are at the heart of building relationships and getting things done. As such, the company built the world’s most proven conversations platform for mobile apps across chat, voice, and video. Industry leaders like Reddit, Traveloka, and Ruangguru choose Sendbird to drive increased transactions and loyalty for hundreds of millions of users every month.

Talk to our team. We’re here to ensure you have minimal service disruption and your app is armed with the right level of conversational functionality across chat, voice, and video that your customers deserve.

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