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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Braze selects Sendbird as official technology partner for in-app messaging

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Aug 29, 2023
Sooduck chung
Sooduck Chung
Head of Partnerships
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

There is no shortage of multi-channel marketing hubs in the world, but one that consistently gets top marks for innovation is Braze. It’s also a customer engagement platform used by many of our customers. This is why when we launched Notifications earlier this year, we built out an integration so that Braze customers can create and send in-app messages directly in their existing Braze workflows.

Today, we’re excited to share that Braze and Sendbird have entered an official technology partnership and have released Braze integration for Sendbird.

This official integration with Braze brings the best of two solutions to customers:

  1. Leading marketing automation capabilities with Braze. Segment users and easily orchestrate multi-channel and omnichannel campaigns.

  2. World-class in-app messaging with Sendbird. Create and send messages to users in-app with a fully customizable in-app messaging experience in your app.

The official partnership highlights Braze’s commitment to mobile as part of a true multi-channel strategy, and Sendbird’s leading capabilities for brands seeking to deliver the best in-app communications to their customers.

Before this integration, when Braze customers wanted to send in-app messages to their app users they had the option of sending them through Braze Content Cards and Braze In-app messaging. Braze Content Cards and In-app messaging are great options for businesses that want to quickly set up in-app messaging experiences for users, and send in-app messages. However, when customers want to create a truly native and on-brand in-app messaging experience that allows them greater control and flexibility over the user experience - they need a fully customizable in-app messaging API to bring their vision to life.

Now, Braze customers have the option to do that with Sendbird as an official in-app messaging channel for Braze.

With Sendbird, app Product Managers can:

  1. Drop in a fully customizable notification center in their app and build the exact in-app messaging user experience they want to

  2. Have flexibility to compose and send more types of in-app messages to app users, be it transactional or promotional

  3. Create bi-directional conversational experiences with in-app messages

Braze in-app messaging
Quickly integrate a notification center in your app. Customize as you like.

Once the in-app messaging experience is set up, marketers can effortlessly send messages from a user-friendly WYSIWYG notification builder from the familiar Braze dashboard.

Use Braze to send messages with ease
Compose messages easily in Braze

Sendbird and Braze integration promises to bring the best of both worlds for businesses:

  1. Easy and complete customization of in-app messaging user experience

  2. Ease of use to send messages from the Braze dashboard

It’s a win-win solution for product managers and marketers that are looking to create native in-app messaging user experiences to send a wider variety of messages to their users, drive deeper engagement, and improve app retention.

Build in-app messaging experiences that drive higher retention

If you’re a Braze customer, check out the docs here and here to see how easy it is to integrate Braze with Sendbird, and create in-app messaging experiences that drive engagement and improve retention.

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