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Introducing 8 new in-app notification features to the Sendbird customer engagement platform

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Streamline customer engagement with mobile notifications

In an era in which the lifeblood of online businesses is their ability to connect with customers, mobile notifications have become a foundational component of customer engagement platforms. Today, SMS and push notifications bridge customer communication gaps for delivery services, fintechs, healthcare, travel & hospitality, and many more industries. Yet, these technologies limit the user experience and are expensive. For example, SMS is fraught with fraud and clutters consumers' devices, making one-way messages invisible. 

Push notifications, while branded, often disappear and pile up on consumers' screens too. For these reasons, leading businesses that put user experience first now use their mobile apps to deliver organized and persistent messages in a branded and secure environment. The result for customers using Sendbird’s in-app notifications is a dramatic boost in open and conversion rates for marketing and operational communication.

Today, we are thrilled to announce many enhancements to the Sendbird notification platform that streamline operations for customer engagement managers while providing more insights into their customer behaviors. Let’s uncover these!

1. Drive unparalleled data-driven insights with detailed mobile notification records

Understanding the impact of your in-app notifications is crucial. Sendbird now allows real-time campaign and user-level insights with detailed notification logs.

Measuring performance with comprehensive in-app notification campaign records

With Sendbird Notification's logs, you can get every detail and performance of your notification campaigns in a single click. Each attribute of the campaign is available, including key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of messages sent, messages delivered, clicks, and CTR, as well as a preview of the customer notification.

Detailed mobile notification records for in-app notifications
Fig. 1. A notification campaign record displaying key performance indicators and campaign information details.

A new customer segmentation tool: Notification records at the user level

Our latest innovation, the notification campaign user view, is a game-changer for precision in customer segmentation. This groundbreaking tool empowers you to explore in-depth how each user engages with your in-app notifications, unlocking a world of possibilities:

Hyper-personalization and A/B testing

The user view empowers customer engagement managers to gain profound insights into customer preferences and behaviors. By examining the specific notification campaigns delivered and read by each customer, your team can tailor future in-app notifications to align perfectly with individual tastes and interests. This level of personalization is unique and significantly enhances audience segmentation, engagement, and conversion rates.

The user-level view is also ideal for A/B testing initiatives. Customer engagement managers can assess which campaign variants perform best at the individual level, allowing for continuous optimization and refinement of notification and segmentation strategies.

Proactive customer support

The notification user view will also be invaluable for your customer support team. As it provides essential context about customer interactions for each specific in-app notification campaign, support managers can offer more relevant and practical assistance based on a deeper understanding of the customer's engagement history.

Detailed user-level in-app notification campaign records.
Fig. 2. Detailed user-level in-app notification campaign records.

Maximize data utilization with the Sendbird Notifications API

Notification campaign data is also available for your developers through our notifications API. A notifications API presents many advantages, such as offering real-time access to customer data and integrating it with customer marketing workflows, customer databases, and customer analytics tools. Access to live customer data at the individual level enables rapid and hyper-accurate customer profiling and customer behavior analysis to target your audience more accurately. As a result, the Sendbird notifications API can help your marketing team redefine its audience segmentation strategy to drive more conversions than with conventional customer engagement software limited to high-level customer segmentation around demographics, age, location, etc.

2. In-app notification webhooks: The developer tool to harness the real-time data of your customer engagement platform

What is a webhook?

A webhook is a real-time communication method between two applications. A specific event in one application triggers the other to receive data via an HTTP POST request. The webhook enables automated actions and integrations, making web applications and systems work together seamlessly.

In-app notification webhooks will allow your business to create powerful workflows. For example, when sending a unique message or batch notification campaign, your developer can use a webhook to send detailed information to a backend team or a system like your CRM. Your team can use the Sendbird notification dashboard or the notifications API to set up a webhook. You can also customize the webhook information with the template variable your server will receive in a JSON format.

No-code notification webhook configuration dashboard
Fig. 3. No-code notification webhook configuration dashboard.

3. Spark joy with in-app notification categories and tags: Marie Kondo style!

Enhance user experience and searchability with in-app notification categories

Categorization is essential to efficient in-app notification management. The notification dashboard now features categories for notification feeds. Let's say you run a news app. With notifications titles, you can label notifications as 'Breaking News,' 'Sports Updates,' and 'Entertainment News.' These categories make it a breeze for your readers to find and engage with the content that interests them the most, and it’s great to organize campaigns in the dashboard. No more sifting through a sea of messages!

The feature comes out of the box with our iOS Notifications and Android Notifications UI Kits. The Sendbird notifications UIKits automatically render categories in the iOS and Android client. For additional flexibility, you can use our iOS or Android notification SDKs and refer to our docs to decide how to proceed.

Notification categories in the Sendbird dashboard
Fig. 4. A customer engagement manager creates notification categories in the Sendbird dashboard.

Gain more significant insights from the Sendbird analytics tool with in-app notification campaign tags

What are notification tags? 

Notification tags are descriptive labels or keywords assigned to your mobile notifications.

Tags label your notifications content based on unique characteristics, allowing campaign and support managers to search and filter them easily

Unlike categories, which typically serve for high-level navigation and are created at the campaign creation, tags can be created on the fly, enhancing content discoverability by providing additional context. In-app notifications can have multiple tags, allowing for precise classification and more versatile organization. Together, tags and categories contribute to effective content organization, notification segmentation, and user-friendly navigation.

Within Sendbird, you can decide if tags are required when creating a notification or if you’d like tags to be automatically created. Then, your team can manage tags in the dashboard after being given proper access.

4. Fast-track your critical notification batches with in-app notification campaign priority levels

The Sendbird Notifications campaign priority feature instills the idea that not all notifications are equal. Indeed, a healthcare provider will prioritize their emergency health message batch over advertisement. Similarly, a delivery service will send its drivers a weather alert before customer billing notifications. Sendbird’s campaign priority feature offers three levels to ensure that high-priority content always reaches its audience first.

Notification batch in the Sendbird notification dashboard
Fig 5. An operational manager prioritizes its notification batch in the Sendbird notification dashboard.

5. Delete obsolete in-app notifications from your users’ feed to keep customer engagement on track

Keeping your notification center tidy is essential, especially if you’ve identified that a message was sent by error and requires corrections. Sendbird Notifications now offers a delete function to delete any in-app notification batches from the logs. This feature will be available if the highest level of permission is granted to the operator.

Deleting a message batch in the Sendbird notifications dashboard
Fig 6. A marketing campaign manager deletes a message batch in the Sendbird notifications dashboard.

6. Ensure your mobile notification messages are time-bound

Different messages have varying lifespans. Imagine an e-commerce platform with daily flash sales and seasonal product offers that may last months. Setting the notification retention time ensures the user's mobile notification feed stays relevant and optimizes conversions. With the Sendbird engagement platform, you can align your in-app notification strategy with your business goals by setting how many days you want to keep a message in your user inbox. Say goodbye to outdated notifications and cluttered experiences.

7. Manage custom roles & permissions of customer engagement managers

In the organization settings of the dashboard, under roles, you can now define granular access control to your customer engagement managers, choosing between full access, view access, or none. It is convenient to ensure the proper level of collaboration and secure access to critical information only for groups who need it. For each role you create, you can select which application it is for and then provide the role to individuals in the member section. Custom roles & permissions provide the flexibility to align access with your organization's hierarchy.

Setting the role and permissions of their team members using the notification tool dashboard.
Fig 7. A customer engagement manager sets the role and permissions of their team members using the notification tool dashboard.

8. Comply with GDPR and privacy regulations with easy user deletion

User deletion is critical to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance because it grants individuals greater control over their data. GDPR gives users the "right to be forgotten," which means they can request the deletion of their data held by any organization. This is a crucial privacy and data protection, as it allows individuals to have their data removed when it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected in the first place. Failure to comply with GDPR can lead to substantial fines and can hurt your brand.

While GDPR is one of the most comprehensive and widely known data protection regulations, other regulations worldwide, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States, also emphasize the importance of user data deletion.

With Sendbird Notifications, ensuring compliance will be as simple as deleting a user in the dashboard or via our notifications API. All their records and data logs will be removed effortlessly, ensuring you meet legal requirements while maintaining a clean user database.

Boosting mobile customer engagement with effective in-app notifications

We're thrilled to introduce so many valuable features to the Sendbird Notifications platform, API, and dashboard simultaneously. Customer engagement managers in marketing, support, and operations can now access a notification tool that helps them craft creative, secure, and compliant mobile messages. It also provides invaluable data insights at an unmatched level of precision to enhance audience segmentation. The mobile notifications service of the Sendbird engagement platform, spanning across chat, voice, and video, is another powerful tool to drive engagement, conversion, and customer loyalty. For a fraction of the cost of a communication strategy based on SMS, in-app notifications can double engagement and conversions.

To start your mobile customer engagement journey and send your first in-app notifications, ask your developer to enable your mobile app; it only requires a single line of code. Then head to the dashboard, craft your first campaign, and experience the same engagement and conversion rates digital leaders achieve today in their apps. Start a free trial today!

Here’s to increasing mobile customer engagement! 📱

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