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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Introducing Sendbird Notifications - The next generation of mobile notifications

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Mar 15, 2023 • 4 min read
Sarang 1
Sarang Paramhans
Product Marketer
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Sendbird Notifications is a new way for app-based businesses to send high-converting notifications to end users, that is taking superapps around the world by storm. Why? When sending notifications through Sendbird Notifications our customers are seeing 2X CTR compared to Push, or SMS, and they are doing so at significantly lower costs than what they were spending on SMS. Customers are also achieving conversion rates competitive with WhatsApp, at significantly lower costs. But, there is more beyond boost in performance, and cost savings. Marketers and product teams at these businesses are deploying Sendbird Notifications in days and using it on a daily basis with minimal or no dev resources. These businesses are achieving the holy grail of business outcomes – driving higher conversions, saving costs, and increasing efficiency at the same time.

With Sendbird Notifications, businesses can send rich and interactive messages that persist inside the mobile app, so users can easily engage with and act on when they are ready to. As messages are delivered in the mobile app, 100% of users are automatically opted-in. Now users never have to miss important notifications, or deal with the burden of comprehending different messages coming from different business units or phone numbers. With Sendbird Notifications, messages are securely delivered inside a centralized screen in the app and organized based on where they originate – ready to be accessed when users are.

Marketing teams and Product teams alike are using Sendbird Notifications to send marketing, transactional, and operational messages across critical touchpoints in the mobile app journey and drive daily engagement and conversion for their most active users.

Teams are sending promotional offers, personalized recommendations, reminders, order updates, onboarding messages, messages to drive feature adoption, account alerts, and even proactive support messages, when and where they have the users’ attention – driving better engagement, growth, and retention.

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The next level in notifications

Sendbird Notifications has been built to drive engagement and maximize conversion with endless app workflow flexibility in mind.

Sendbird Notifications are highly contextual and flexible in-app messages. If you prefer to deliver notifications inside a centralized Notification Center in your app, you can do that. If you want to embed notifications inside specific app screens and dynamically trigger notifications based on real-time user events, you can do that. If you want Notifications to show up inside a conversation thread, you can do that. These Notifications persist inside the app, but they can also be ephemeral if you need them to be and vanish after a time-out period. Sendbird Notifications gives you limitless flexibility to send notifications where you want to inside the mobile app, when you want to, and for how long you want to – so users can receive them when and where it matters the most.

Notifications blog image
Send notifications where you want to - inside a notification center, a specific screen, or a conversation channel in your app.

Sendbird Notifications support rich media and are innately eye-catching. You can start with one of Sendbird’s pre-built notification templates and embed images, GIFs, or short videos to send engaging notifications to users, OR just send simple text messages when they can get the job done. These Notifications are interactive. You can add buttons to Notifications to power instant call-to-actions, or send rich polls to gauge user feedback, or add reactions to Notifications. You can also have users send replies to Notifications to make them conversational and transition to deeper conversational workflows.

A concern that repeatedly came up in conversations with customers was how they had difficulty tracking users’ read statuses of messages sent over SMS. Sendbird Notifications send back rich event data and make it easy for teams to know when a message was read, and when a message was interacted with – so teams can remove the guesswork and know exactly which messages are truly converting.

Quickly integrates into your app

Sendbird Notifications comes with a pre-built UIKit for iOS, Android, and JavaScript, which developers can use to easily integrate a Notification Center in the app with a few lines of code. Once set up, the Notification Center is ready to receive messages.

No two apps are the same, and no two app user experiences are the same. To this end, we’ve made the Notification Center fully customizable. Should you want to customize the Notifications experience you can do so easily with low-code UI components. As mentioned earlier, you have the option to deliver Notifications in a single view, if you want to embed Notifications in separate app screens along the customer journey, that is feasible as well. The experience you build and the workflow you blend notifications with is completely up to you.

The Notification Center UIKit has been designed with the end-user in mind. With message categorization and deep-linked actions, we want to make it easy for users to quickly locate messages and act on them. We’re building much more. In the future we will have the ability to search for messages, manage preferences, perform instant actions, and engage with richer message formats -- all geared towards the goal of making the most useful, frictionless, and fastest notifications experience users have ever come to experience.

Effortlessly create pixel perfect notifications

In Sendbird, every notification can be made using notification templates that come with pixel perfect design and interactivity out of the box. Instead of designing from scratch, product managers and designers can simply choose the right one from the library of templates with rich media, buttons, and lists and make edits using a visual and code-based editor. They can then see a live preview of how the template renders by sending a test notification in a sandbox. Once finalized, the template is ready to be published and used by everyone on the team for sending consistent and impressive notifications. Templates can also be easily managed and updated should a need arise in the future.

Notifications templates image
Start closer to the finish line with notification templates.

These templates are flexible. Developers can override or update any part of the template with back-end code should they need to. They can also pass data easily with API calls to program templates into notifications workflows. Notification templates make it fast and easy for your team to create notifications with your brand at the center.

Unmatched ease of use for sending notifications

You might wonder that this is great for end users and product teams - but what about notification senders - the marketers and business operators who need to send messages and notifications to customers everyday?

We’ve put a great emphasis on simplifying the sender experience so that composing and sending notifications feels fast and easy. For marketers, we’ve made it turn-key to connect with existing marketing automation tools. Today, we support integrations with Braze and CleverTap, and we’re working to connect more marketing automation tools. Once connected, marketers can go into their campaign workflow, choose an audience segment, select from published templates, compose and personalize messages, then see a live preview of the message, and if everything looks good, hit send. And just like that the notification is instantly delivered to the users’ apps. All of this is possible from the convenience of an easy to use no-code WYSIWYG notification composer. Zero coding skills needed, zero dev support required. Just like a marketers tool should be.

Notifications blog image
Compose messages easily in Braze and CleverTap from a WYSIWYG message composer.

Sendbird Notifications also offers a notification composer on the Sendbird dashboard. So if marketers and business operators want to send notifications and messages to their segments from Sendbird they can directly do so from the dashboard.

In addition to using notification composer, product teams can also use our simple API to send transactional and operational messages programmatically to users. They can schedule messages ahead of time, program them into custom workflows, or trigger notifications based on user actions. Whatever the case might be, the API gives development teams limitless flexibility to send notifications to users at the right time.

We’ve taken great care to make it easy for businesses to send notifications and messages to customers be it through rich templates, an intuitive notification composer, or a simple API. So business users and product teams don’t have to spend time on setting up complex notifications, but can focus on what they do best - composing and sending engaging messages to users.

So, drop the Notification Center in your app, connect your martech tool with Sendbird, compose a message, and hit send. And just like that, a notification will show up in your app’s Notification screen. It’s that simple, it’s simply powerful.

The next generation of mobile notifications is here

Sendbird Notifications is an easy to use notifications system that turbocharges your business to user communications -- improving notification conversion rates, while driving costs down, and increasing team efficiency. Messages sent through Sendbird Notifications convert 2X better than Push and SMS, and cost half the price of SMS.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can achieve higher conversions for important notifications and messages sent to users, save on SMS costs, and improve your ROI, please connect with a Sendbird Notifications specialist or book a demo with us using the link below.

We’re really excited to get this into your hands, and can’t wait for you to experience the next generation of mobile notifications.

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