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Sendbird integrates SmartAssistant with Salesforce Connector for personalized AI powered customer support

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AI powered customer support for businesses

In today's business landscape, exceptional customer support is a cornerstone of success. The ability to provide swift, personalized, and effective assistance can make or break customer loyalty and brand reputation. At the same time, simplistic chatbots have posed a significant challenge in delivering exceptional support. As part of an effort to solve this problem, Sendbird, a leader in in-app communications such as chat, calls, and live streaming, has integrated the Salesforce Connector with an innovative SmartAssistant - a customizable, no-code generative AI chatbot. This AI powered customer support integration helps businesses to revolutionize support and offer unparalleled efficiency, intelligence, and speed in every interaction.

Maximizing Salesforce Service Cloud efficiency with SmartAssistant for AI powered customer support

The integration of Sendbird’s SmartAssistant marks a groundbreaking advancement for the Salesforce Connector. The SmartAssistant - a smart AI chatbot that can be trained on first-party data - brings the power of generative AI to the convenience of the Salesforce Connector, an integration that allows agents to access a chat interface within their Salesforce instance.

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See the SmartAssistant in action.

Powered by advanced machine learning, SmartAssistant provides instant AI powered customer support, suggests relevant resources, and even predicts customer needs. This helps in automating and enhancing AI powered customer interactions by delivering intelligent responses that heighten agent efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and revolutionize customer support.

Better handoff and ticket deflection

One of the pivotal advantages of integrating Sendbird SmartAssistant into the Salesforce Connector is its capability to significantly reduce the need for human intervention. Through its intelligent responses and predictive capabilities, SmartAssistant can achieve high ticket deflection rates, addressing common inquiries without requiring manual agent intervention. This not only expedites query resolution but also frees up human agents to focus on more complex and strategic tasks.

Furthermore, the AI powered customer support integration facilitates a seamless handoff to a human agent. This ensures that customers don't experience a disjointed support journey when they require more personalized assistance. The fluid interaction between AI and human agents guarantees consistent and elevated customer experiences, resulting in enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

Unprecedented speed and proactive engagement

SmartAssistant's advanced AI capabilities empower it to swiftly provide accurate and personalized responses to customer queries, drastically reducing wait times. This swift resolution enhances overall satisfaction and allows businesses to cater to a larger volume of inquiries effectively.

Moreover, SmartAssistant’s predictive capabilities take customer engagement to the next level. By anticipating customer needs and offering solutions before customers even inquire, businesses showcase their commitment to promptly addressing concerns. This proactive engagement not only impresses customers but also frees up valuable agent time for more intricate tasks, amplifying the support team's productivity and effectiveness.

AI chatbot customization without complexity

SmartAssistant stands out for its high level of customization and flexibility. Businesses can effortlessly create their AI powered customer support chatbot, provide it with content, and swiftly test it before deploying it to their chat app. This streamlined process eliminates the need for complex coding or extensive training. By offering a user-friendly interface, SmartAssistant empowers teams to fine-tune the chatbot's capabilities according to evolving customer needs.

Businesses can determine how the SmartAssistant interacts, from the way it presents information to the tone it adopts in responses. This empowers businesses to establish a unique and consistent support identity across various touchpoints, amplifying the overall brand experience.

Get ahead of the AI chatbot game: Experience the power of AI powered customer support now

By integrating Sendbird’s SmartAssistant within the Salesforce Service Cloud environment, businesses embark on a transformative journey that raises customer support to unprecedented heights. By merging real-time communication with AI-driven insights and assistance, you can craft efficient, personalized, and memorable AI powered customer support experiences. This innovation empowers businesses to exceed by meeting evolving customer expectations and securing a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.

Because the integration of the Salesforce Connector with SmartAssistant is characterized by AI-powered responses, predictive capabilities, and data-driven insights, the integration can become a strategic initiative poised to redefine customer interactions, fostering growth in the digital era. SmartAssistant, the first highly customizable, no-code generative AI chatbot stands as a testament to the power of innovation in reshaping customer support for the better and delivering exceptional value to businesses and customers alike.

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