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Next-gen AI customer service: Sendbird's AI chatbot now on AppExchange

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We’re thrilled to announce that Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector is now available on Salesforce AppExchange! The Salesforce Connector is a support chat solution that is enhanced by an AI assistant chatbot. This AI customer service solution helps agents to skyrocket their productivity and ensure timely query resolution, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Sendbird Salesforce Connector: The best AI customer service solution

Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector enables agents to work on multiple cases simultaneously and is packed with powerful features to improve the customer experience. With the Salesforce Connector’s AI chat assistant, businesses can reduce human intervention with high deflection rates and proper triage. This AI customer service solution also offers accurate case summarization and personalized responses to customer queries.

AI customer service solution

Read on to find out why the Salesforce Connector is the best AI customer service solution!

Elevating AI support chat

The Sendbird Salesforce Connector empowers agents and customers with Sendbird's superior chat interface and robust support chat functionalities. The Sendbird Salesforce Connector is ideal for businesses that already use Sendbird Chat for their web and mobile apps, and Salesforce Service Cloud for handling customer support. This integration brings the power of conversational AI for customer service to both web and mobile apps, mitigating issues such as disconnected conversations and ineffective agent handoffs.

Sendbird: The all-in-one communications platform

Sendbird, the all–in–one communications platform, now brings its expertise to the Salesforce ecosystem. Sendbird's cutting-edge APIs unlock the potential of AI chatbots tailored for use in delivering exceptional customer service. Trusted by industry leaders such as Hinge, Carousell, Virgin Mobile, and Paytm, Sendbird delivers superior chat quality and reliability with its advanced communication infrastructure, thereby elevating customer satisfaction scores.

AI chatbots for enhanced customer service

The Sendbird Salesforce Connector enables agents to seamlessly deploy conversational AI for customer service directly from their Salesforce CRM. Customers, in turn, can engage with multilingual, intelligent, and personalized AI chatbots for an improved customer service experience.

Sendbird Salesforce Connector incorporates Sendbird SmartAssistant, a customizable, no-code conversational AI chatbot that seamlessly integrates into existing Salesforce CRM systems, automating routine inquiries without disrupting existing operations. By leveraging CRM data, Sendbird's AI chatbot provides more personalized responses, leading to improved deflection rates and faster issue resolution. Whether it's answering frequently asked questions, offering personalized product recommendations, or troubleshooting order issues, Sendbird's SmartAssistant ensures helpful and human-like responses throughout the customer journey. It is a support experience that not only addresses customer needs but also proactively anticipates them, seamlessly integrated within the familiar interface of your organization's web and mobile app.

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AI assistance for agents

Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector also integrates Summarize, powered by OpenAI's GPT. This AI customer support tool equips support agents with the ability to instantly access consolidated and summarized conversations, whether from another agent or a previous AI chatbot interaction. Agents no longer need to manually review and analyze entire conversations to extract relevant information. This time-saving advantage enables agents to handle a higher volume of inquiries and allocate their resources more efficiently. This facilitates seamless agent handoff and eliminates the necessity for agents to read through the entire conversation from the start.

AI customer service assistance

Top 5 reasons you should implement AI chatbots and support chat through AppExchange

  1. Seamless integration: Integrating the Salesforce AI chatbot and support chat solutions allows for a smoother and more integrated experience for users. Customers can easily connect and configure solutions within the Salesforce environment, avoiding the need for complex installations or APK downloads.

  2. Centralized management: Salesforce administrators can effortlessly manage the deployment of support chat and AI assistant chatbot, ensuring consistency and compliance across the organization.

  3. Regular updates and compatibility: Solutions listed on AppExchange, such as AI chatbot platforms for customer service, remain in sync with Salesforce's regular updates. This ensures ongoing compatibility and compliance, safeguarding against potential disruptions caused by software updates and maintaining the integrity of the support chat system.

  4. Security and compliance: Integrating AI customer service solutions through AppExchange aligns with Salesforce's strict security standards, offering reassurance that data is protected according to the highest compliance measures

  5. Support and documentation: AppExchange serves as a valuable resource for organizations, providing extensive support and detailed documentation for AI chatbot platforms. Access to these resources enhances the deployment and utilization of AI chatbots for customer service, ensuring that organizations can fully leverage the capabilities of their AI chat assistant to improve customer support experiences.

Advanced features for a premium support chat experience

Beyond the AI chatbot, the Sendbird Salesforce Connector is equipped with a suite of powerful chat tools aimed at enriching the customer support journey:

  • Moderation: Organizations can moderate message content and users from the convenience of a Sendbird dashboard. With profanity filters and auto-image moderation, they can determine the suitability of language, images, and other content for their applications using Salesforce Connector.

  • Auto-translation: Salesforce Connector automatically translates incoming messages within the chat, allowing businesses to assist customers in multiple languages based on the agent’s preference.

  • Transcripts: After closing a case, a detailed transcript of the interaction between the customer and agent is generated as a permanent record. This ensures no information is lost, facilitating easy review in future issues.

Experience the future of AI-powered customer support

By leveraging advanced AI features like SmartAssistant and Summarize by ChatGPT, the Sendbird Salesforce Connector is not just enhancing customer support—it's redefining it.

Ready to transform your customer service experience? Discover the future of customer support with our conversational AI for customer service. Explore the Sendbird Salesforce Connector on Salesforce AppExchange today.

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