A ready-to-ship chat UI kit

Build chat in minutes with pre-built UI components for the #1 chat SDKs. The Sendbird UIKit is the easiest way to create a beautiful, reliable, and scalable chat experience.

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Build modern, full-featured chat experiences, and create deeper connections with and between your users.

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“Sendbird UIKit saved us so much time versus building UI components from scratch. From colors, fonts, screens, the whole look and feel was customizable, which was necessary for our application.”

Marina Mukhina, Software Engineer at DoorDash

The #1 chat platform integrated with a beautiful UI


    Messaging channels

  • Private group chat (1 to 100 users)
  • Supergroup private group chat (up to 20,000 users)
  • Public group chat (unlimited)

    Messaging Essentials

  • Typing indicator
  • Read receipt
  • Delivery receipt
  • Push notifications
  • Reactions
  • Unread message count
  • User invitation
  • Channel list


    Message types & attachments

  • Audio, video, images, GIFs, files
  • Media thumbnail generation
  • URL link preview

    Advanced Messaging

  • Message search
  • Announcements
  • Message threading
  • Offline messaging


    Message Moderation

  • Moderation dashboard
  • Auto image moderation
  • Auto message moderation
  • Profanity filter
  • Domain filter

    User Moderation

  • Ban user
  • Mute user in channel
  • Deactivate user

    Channel management

  • Smart throttling
  • Dynamic partitioning
  • Spam flood protection


  • Channel operators
  • Freeze channel