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Discover the missing piece to unlock your customer communication strategy

Welcome to an exclusive opportunity to uncover the vital component missing from your omnichannel strategy. If you’ve received our jigsaw puzzle, you’re already on the path to discovering the hidden gem in customer engagement.

As you've assembled the pieces, you've encountered the powerful message: "In-app communication outperforms every other channel: 2x engagement, 2x conversion, 96% satisfaction."

In the VentureBeat webinar below, we dive into this message further as Patricia Lazatin, former Business Owner at Grab, and Emmanuel Delorme, Head of Product Marketing at Sendbird, talk about the transformative power of integrating your customer communication seamlessly within your web and mobile applications.

The future of customer communications

In this guide, we present a digital communications adoption path and explore why mobile must be at the center of a modern organization’s communication strategy.

Sendbird is the all-in-one communications API platform

And the missing piece to your customer communication strategy

1-way messages


Deliver rich, colorful, and engaging message notifications through your app and increase conversions by 2X at half the SMS cost.

GenAI conversations

AI Chatbots

Close gaps in your customer journey with AI-driven conversations for knowledge sharing, marketing, commerce, and support.

Img calls Img calls

2-way communications

Chat, video, live streaming & calls

Foster strong user-brand and user-user engagement through interactive interactions.


Ready to take your customer comms to the next level?