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Reinvent chatbots with PaLM 2

Revolutionize your chatbot user experience with Google's generative AI.

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Create a SmartAssistant

Experience a conversation with our AI-powered knowledge chatbot.

  • Provide your email and a web link to the content you'd like your SmartAssistant to get knowledgeable about.
  • Check your email for a private link to your personalized demo.

Personalized and human-like chatbot conversations

Enhance engagement

Engage users with sophisticated human-like interactions that foster long-lasting relationships with your brand and growth for your business.

Boost customer satisfaction

Lift customer experience and satisfaction with language learning models and first-party data to tailor responses to each user’s need.

Reduce human support

Increase deflection with PaLM2-powered chatbots that can answer complex queries and handle a wide range of use cases.

Launch Bard-like AI chatbots in minutes 

Everything you need to embed PaLM2-powered chatbots in your app quickly.

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API key integration
Chatbot configuration
AI prompt engineering
AI chatbot tester
Chat channel integration

Extend your AI chatbot capabilities

Increase control over your Large Language Model (LLM) and connect your chatbot to valuable data.

Quick replies
Suggested replies
Scripted answers

No code dashboard setup 

Create, set up, and test your PaLM2-powered chatbots in minutes, directly from the dashboard.

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Low code API integration

Revamp your chatbot experience entirely with just a few lines of code.

Smarter, conversational chatbots for any industry


Build smarter financial advisors bots with GPT AI that can leverage first-party data like transactions history, past conversations, and Customer Relationship Management information.


Make mundane tasks like appointment scheduling and patient support more engaging, personalized, and efficient to increase customer satisfaction.


Transform your buyers' experience with generative AI-powered bots that understand their profile and journey to increase sales and boost loyalty.


Free drivers from distracting customer communication with intelligent conversational AI while elevating the customers' experience with prompt and informative responses.

Ready to take your chatbot experience to the next level?