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What is a voice call API? How can one be used?

Voice call api
Voice call API is a software tool that facilitates real-time, in-app audio connections between two users. Enabled by Sendbird Calls and backed by our highly scalable and reliable chat platform infrastructure, voice call APIs translate emotions during personal interactions to deliver more immersive digital experiences.
Voice call api features Voice call api features

What can you accomplish with voice calling API?

In-app voice and chat can amplify digital interactions between two users, no matter the nature of the call. From on-demand services to customer support to health and wellness, voice calling API solutions allow users to curate more personal digital interactions while maintaining the integrity of your professional services. A robust voice calling API enables enhanced interactions for:

Friend-to-friend calling

Voice calling enables users to go beyond standard chats for more personal one-on-one communication. Whether it's a game, team collaboration solution or messenger app, Sendbird Calls Voice API facilitates deeper user engagement while maintaining the same high security, privacy and confidentiality standards as our chat product.

Transaction-based communication

Our voice capabilities facilitate better connectivity between buyers and sellers. With direct voice calls, sellers can communicate with customers directly, increasing transparency and fostering brand loyalty to drive better marketplace outcomes.

On-demand customer service

Expand interactions beyond standard chats between service providers and customers at financial institutions, healthcare companies, ride-hailing services or other professional services. With mutual access to voice capabilities, both parties can coordinate communication and prevent service interruptions to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Voice api capabilities Voice api capabilities

What can a voice call API provide?

In an increasingly digital world, apps are constantly working to include high-touch functionalities that deliver more immersive digital experiences. There are several advanced capabilities and features that add a more personal touch to your interactions:

Multi device support and security

Ensure on-the-go users have constant app accessibility for their customer advantage and your business gain. Sendbird Calls supports seamless platform integration with unlimited, simultaneous log-in devices per user across iOS, Android and JavaScript — without ever compromising on security.

Dashboard app and user administration

Immediately at launch, access user behaviors like individual voice call details and relevant metadata to gain crucial customer insights. In addition, administer users call authorization so no communication interaction is out of context — facilitating safer, more personalized digital connections.

On-device multimedia capture

Eliminate data loss by providing your users with the ability to record video, audio and image files directly in their device. This unlocks post-processing and gives users full control over media playback to encourage more quality interactions.

Deliver immersive digital experiences with Sendbird’s voice call API

Whether you’re a marketplace aiming to drive conversion or a dating app hoping to increase engagement, Sendbird Calls Voice API can help you reach your goals. Empower your users with the ability to facilitate deeper one-on-one communication through genuine human emotion and presence rivaled only by in-person interactions with Sendbird’s voice calling capabilities.

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