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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Superior customer experience in action: Achievements of a customer experience team

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Apr 13, 2023
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Bryan Bui
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Providing a premier white-glove customer service experience has always been one of Sendbird’s most significant differentiators as the most proven conversations platform for mobile apps across chat, voice, and video. Since the company’s inception in 2013, ensuring that customers are successful throughout their journey from implementation to go-live, as well as everything after and in-between, has been the goal of Sendbird’s committed customer experience team.

Let’s highlight a couple customers and understand how Sendbird helped them hit KPIs to fully engage with users - all through the power of conversations.

Yahoo Sports

In the world of online sports, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is one of the most popular, with millions of users across the US. Since 1999, Yahoo has provided free fantasy games to sports fanatics, allowing them to compete with friends and strangers alike.

In terms of chat, Yahoo had been using an in-house solution that was nearing its end of life. That’s why Yahoo opted to outsource messaging, and was in search of a new solution. After a rigorous evaluation process, Yahoo partnered with Sendbird due to our capabilities of providing table-stakes chat features, as well as suggesting a roadmap to expand upon these features.

Due to the huge volume of chat history, the chat implementation required a great deal of migration work. Moreover, since sports are seasonal, Sendbird also needed to navigate the time crunch for users to use feature-rich chat in time for key events.

To navigate these challenges, Sendbird’s customer experience team worked collaboratively with Yahoo to migrate one sport at a time. The customer experience team ensured data integrity and addressed challenges as they arose, with the NFL data’s heavy migration completed last. By the end, Yahoo Sports users were able to have all of the chat functionality that they were used to, along with new features added and updated every year since.

Ultimately, the successful launch of Sendbird Chat for Yahoo Sports led to increased uptime, decreased latency, and increased engagement within both the mobile app and web platform.

Leading US-based food delivery company

One of Sendbird’s most prevalent use cases has always been on-demand food delivery. After all, clear and efficient communication between customers and delivery drivers is integral for consistent, successful transactions. This keeps support and cancellation costs low, thereby helping to increase revenue.

One of the leading food delivery companies in the US sought to remove their users’ dependence on third party messaging services and move chat in-app. Sendbird was their final selection due to a completely customizable UIKit, easy-to-use chat API, and fully managed backend.

However, implementation was not without its obstacles. Technical roadblocks in fine-tuning the customer’s complex messaging challenges required meetings with the Sendbird team more than once a week. The customer experience team escalated issues and worked around the clock until satisfactory resolutions were found. This exemplified Sendbird’s dedicated attention and responsiveness from day one, regardless of details or one-off requests.

Furthermore, adapting to large and ever-changing teams was the reality of working with such a high-value customer. Working closely with internal champions and building camaraderie through Sendbird-sponsored virtual events directly contributed to greater trust, transparency, and closeness with Sendbird’s customer experience teams.

With in-app chat, this food delivery company significantly decreased the number of missed and canceled deliveries. In addition, both revenue and CSAT were positively affected. Because of efficient and streamlined communication, users and delivery drivers no longer needed to exchange phone numbers or sensitive contact info. This is one of the core benefits of implementing in-app chat.


The customer experience team at Sendbird has proven time and time again to be a valuable partner for companies looking to enhance their customer experience. From fantasy sports and food delivery to healthcare, marketplaces, and everything in between, Sendbird's dedicated customer experience teams have worked closely with clients to exceed expectations. Through the use of Sendbird's conversations platform, these companies have been able to increase user engagement and ultimately drive revenue through improved communication and customer satisfaction. Sendbird continues to set the bar for premier white glove customer experience, making it the clear choice of partner companies looking to provide the best service possible to their customers.

For more details about how this works, see our other success stories, try Sendbird for free (no commitment or credit card required), or contact us.

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