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How consumers prefer to communicate with businesses

Sendbird Notification Center – the highest performing customer engagement UX

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Dec 19, 2022 • 5 min read
Sarang 1
Sarang Paramhans
Product Marketer
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New survey
How consumers prefer to communicate with businesses
Ebook Engage Mobile content offer background
New survey
How consumers prefer to communicate with businesses

Today, digital businesses worldwide rely on Customer Engagement Platforms to engage with customers at different stages of the customer journey across different channels such as Push, Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. While marketing teams are aiming to target the right user with the right message at the right time, the efficacy of the channel in which the message is delivered ultimately determines the quality of engagement and business outcome.

Marketers and Product teams are on a continuous search for better channels for their messages that can drive higher engagement and intended desired actions. Today, customer engagement platforms use Push, Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. While each of these channels has worked in the past, they are past their prime and rapidly losing effectiveness in an evolving digital world:

  • Push notifications – With numerous apps vying for customers’ attention – where an average smartphone user receives 46 push notifications a day – it can make it easy for users to dismiss notifications from the lock screen, making important notifications easy to miss. Because push notifications are fleeting, once dismissed they are gone forever.
  • SMS – While SMSs persist on users’ mobile devices and have higher open rates – SMSs are not categorized and give way to a cluttered user experience, placing the burden on the user to find the right message to act on at the right time. Increasingly, SMS has also become rife with phishing scams and spam raising concerns over its effectiveness as a marketing channel.
  • Email – Average email click rates have dropped to 1.39%, forcing marketers to rethink their channel mix and consider new channels to allocate their spend on.
  • WhatsApp – While WhatsApp has relatively high open rates, WhatsApp inboxes have also increasingly begun to get flooded with spam messages, as multiple brands vie for user attention, creating channel fatigue.

With so many options to deliver notifications, the question still remains out at large – is there a better way to engage customers in a user-friendly, and memorable way that inspires action?

Now there is.

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Take customer relationships to the next level.

Introducing Sendbird Notification Center – the next generation of notifications

Sendbird Notification Center is a powerful new way to deliver messages inside a business’ mobile app. Sendbird Notification Center transforms the mobile app into a powerful direct messaging channel between businesses and customers, and lets businesses send persistent eye-catching messages inside a user-friendly and centralized interface inside the mobile app so users can easily engage with and act on messages when they are ready to. Now users never have to miss important notifications, or deal with the burden of making sense of different messages coming from different business units. Sendbird Notification Center neatly categorizes messages based on where they originate, and has them ready for users to act on when it’s convenient for them.

Sendbird notification

Sendbird Notification Center – The next level in Notifications

Customers that are using Sendbird Notification Center are driving 200% higher engagement than Push and SMS, in a significantly more cost effective manner than SMS or WhatsApp.

Product teams and Marketing teams alike are using Sendbird Notification Center to power important interactions across the customer journey to drive daily engagement and nudge users to take actions along the journey.

One complaint that we repeatedly heard from Product teams was how they were having difficulty tracking users’ read and engagement statuses with important push notifications and SMS. With Notification Center they feel comfortable knowing that the messages are neatly categorized and easily viewable and actionable, ensuring customers’ progress along the customer journey.

Marketing teams are using Sendbird Notification Center to drive relevant, and memorable experiences along the customer journey and drive lift in daily engagement inside the app.

With Sendbird Notification Center, customer engagement teams are able to power various kinds of notifications – operational, transactional, promotions – across the customer journey in a single user friendly, secure, and convenient interface.

Teams are sending messages to onboard users, making recommendations, sending promotions, sending reminders, sending updates, and even proactive support messages — when and where they have the users attention. They are driving better activation, growth, and retention with enhanced notifications that persist.

The next level in notifications

Sendbird Notification Center has been built with the end-user in mind. It has been built to drive maximum user engagement in a frictionless manner. With rich message templates, message categorization, and deep-linked actions, we want to make it easy for users to quickly see relevant messages and act on them from within the Notification Center so the customer experience is frictionless and the customer funnel flattened. It is still early days, we’re working on more improvements such as the ability to search for messages, manage notification preferences, instant actions and message formats — all geared towards the goal of making the most powerful, frictionless, and helpful notifications experience users have ever come to experience.

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It’s easy to launch and integrates with tools your marketers thrive in

We have made it super simple to integrate so developers can launch it in your app in days. Sendbird Notification Center is made of low-code UI components which are fully customizable and let you go to market in days, if not hours.

We have also made it turn-key to integrate with your existing martech stack or customer engagement platform. Once connected, business users can go in and personalize, and compose messages in their campaign flow without needing any dev support. Marketers can use rich message templates with images and buttons to compose messages that catch users’ attention and drive action.

Easily power campaign flows from existing Customer Engagement Platforms

The Highest Performing Customer Engagement UX

Sendbird Notification Center turbo charges your Customer Engagement Platform. It drives significantly better ROI than Push, SMS, or WhatsApp Business.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and see an immediate lift in customer engagement. Experience the next level in notifications.

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Take customer relationships to the next level.

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