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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Supercharge your live chat support: Announcing Sendbird’s new Salesforce Connector

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Apr 3, 2023
Ysabel Villamor
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

We’re excited to introduce a way to take your live chat support to the next level with our new integration: Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector! The Salesforce Connector is a feature-rich, customizable, and easy-to-integrate solution that gives your customer support agents the tools and context they need to answer customer queries right within their existing Salesforce Service Cloud account. The Salesforce Connector comes with powerful features - such as file sharing, moderation, typing indicators, and reactions, to name a few - included in Sendbird Chat functionality that enhance the agent and customer experience.

In this way, Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector allows you to extend the functionality of Salesforce Service Cloud to deliver a mobile-first live chat support experience. With the Salesforce Connector, your customer support agents will still be able to use the existing Salesforce interface and workflows; the difference is that agents will be empowered to do far more accurate and efficient work with this powerful customer support integration.

Watch this video for a quick introduction to the Salesforce Connector!

How to integrate Sendbird with Salesforce

How to deliver a seamless CX with live chat support

Often, a customer gets disconnected when the agent leaves an ongoing customer support chat. Agents then have to to deal with angry customers, as customer inquires float around unattended and are eventually ignored or forgotten. This means that customers need to spend extra time to create a new support chat, enter the same personal information and grievance details, and follow the same machine or bot routing to follow up on the same inquiry. The Salesforce Connector solves this problem.

Our Salesforce Connector rids users of this inconvenience and allows them to stay in the same support chat, even if agents leave or close the ongoing chat window, thereby providing a seamless customer support experience. The Salesforce Connector enables asynchronous chat support conversations. This is a significant improvement over traditional chat support tools, which often require customers to wait for an agent to reconnect or to start a new session.

Furthermore, customers crave personalized customer support with a human touch - they don’t want to be just another number in a customer support database. With the advanced chat features of Sendbird’s Salesforce connector, businesses can bring customer conversations to life by providing engaging, personalized interactions. Gone are the days of boring, text-based chats that lack personality and engagement; our customer support integration allows you to share images and other rich media, making interactions with customers more engaging, streamlined, and personalized.

By providing an exceptional CX, you can increase customer satisfaction, which leads to higher CSAT scores. These satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers and brand advocates, leading to increased revenue for your business.

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Powerful features to maximize agent performance for efficient live chat support 

The Salesforce Connector allows you to access a vast number of additional tools that can help your agents work effectively to provide faster, personalized customer support.

Features such as the Sendbird Chat widget, Case details lightning page, and Switch case from chat list allow agents to access all assigned cases without having to switch between tabs. The connector is also compatible with Salesforce’s Einstein bot. These tools enable agents to work on multiple cases simultaneously, increasing their productivity and helping them close more tickets.

The Salesforce Connector also leverages the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT with the Summarize feature. With this feature, agents can get a brief overview of the customer's issues or concerns, as well as any relevant details or context that may have been discussed during the conversation. This helps agents to respond more effectively as they can quickly get up to speed on the conversation without spending unnecessary time reading through the entire chat.

The advanced capabilities of Sendbird Chat set our Salesforce Connector apart from other connectors in the market. For example, Message search is an advanced feature that allows agents to quickly find previous chat messages related to a customer's inquiry. This provides valuable context for the support inquiry. Moderation features can automatically flag and filter inappropriate content, keeping the conversation safe and productive for both parties. Sendbird’s conversation platform also offers a variety of moderation tools, such as message censoring and user blocking, to ensure that inappropriate content is kept out of customer conversations.

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Experience fast time to value in hours - not days!

Integrating our Salesforce Connector with Salesforce Service Cloud is quick and easy with Sendbird's chat API and native chat SDKs for Android, iOS, and JavaScript. With these, you can integrate our connector with your Salesforce Service Cloud account and be up and running in mere hours.

Our fully customizable connector means that you can personalize your end-user and brand experience with our abundance of SDKs. With our native or React UI components, the design process is streamlined and efficient.

To get started, download the installation package, configure Sendbird and Salesforce Service Cloud settings, and implement the code on your client app. It’s that simple!

Skyrocket the efficiency of your live chat support: Get started now

Exceptional customer service is the key to keeping customers happy. That's why Sendbird's Salesforce Connector is a game-changer: it delivers personalized live chat support right within your Salesforce Service Cloud instance, making it easier than ever to create a seamless customer experience. With Sendbird Chat's powerful messaging tools, customer support agents can engage with customers efficiently while improving productivity. And with real-time support, customers are happier and more satisfied than ever before.

So why settle for mediocre? Don’t let limited support chat capabilities hold you back - upgrade to Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector today.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our sales team to book a demo.

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