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Customer communications.
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Transform user engagement, retention, and conversions across all channels with notifications.

Notification v2

Increase notification performance and customer reach


Delivery rate for notifications


Higher open rates than push/SMS alone


Global messages delivered per month

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Learn how Porter saved 30% on SMS

"Sendbird has proven to be very helpful in significantly increasing engagement for notifications. We have been able to achieve higher conversions along with greater savings on our SMS communications. The successful integration of notification solutions into the system has seen a surge in our brand-to-user communications."

Apurva Shetty, Product Manager at Porter

Send personalized, media-rich, persistent notifications

Say goodbye to the intrusive pop-up style notifications offered in the industry.
Instead, embrace personalized, white-labeled notifications through an integrated feed for seamless customer interaction.

Tired of users missing your messages?

Optimize open rates and cost-efficiency with Sendbird’s sequencing engine to prioritize the most effective channel across in-app, push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, and KakaoTalk.

Configure-channels-Notifications Configure-channels-Notifications
Configure your channels

Customize notification channels to perfectly match your brand's communication style and audience needs.

Optimize-sequence-Notifications Optimize-sequence-Notifications
Optimize your sequence

Configure notification sequences through our rule-based sequencing for optimal user interaction.

Notifications engage with users Notifications engage with users
Engage your users

Send notifications both in-app and ex-app to ensure your message is received.

Notifications integrate with Braze and CleverTap Notifications integrate with Braze and CleverTap

Craft custom, on-brand notification campaigns

Rapidly create branded campaigns with customizable themes and user friendly templates.

Launch Sendbird notification campaigns via our user-friendly dashboard, seamlessly send real-time transactional notifications through our API, or effortlessly integrate with Braze and CleverTap.

Optimize reach & drive user insights with multilayered analytics

With 3 layers of analytical insights, evaluate and streamline the best way to reach your users.

Notifications analytics
Top level
Campaign level
User level
            import UIKit
import SendbirdChatSDK

let initParams = InitParams(applicationId: "APP_ID", isLocalCachingEnabled: true)

SendbirdChat.initialize(params: initParams, migrationStartHandler: {},
	completionHandler: { error in
		FeedChannel.getChannel(url: "FEED_CHANNEL_URL") { channel, error in	
			self.collection = 
SendbirdChat.createNotificationCollection(channel: channel, startingPoint: 
Int64.max, params: params, delegate: self)

Embed Sendbird Notifications in minutes

Create a notification feed in your iOS and Android apps with a single line of code.

Download the sample app

Sendbird Notifications - Early Access Program

Thank you for your partnership with Sendbird and your interest in applying to our early access program! We’re looking forward to collaborating with your team to enhance engagement, growth, and retention.

After applying, our team will reach out shortly to schedule a time to meet.



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