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One view.
All conversations.

Sendbird’s Unified Inbox is where users can access and continue all conversations they’re having with your brand in the mobile app. Support tickets, promotions, transactions, and order updates— centralized in one view.

A unified experience

Users wouldn’t leave your app if they didn’t have to. Why send them hunting across SMS, email, and messenger apps to track down messages?

With Sendbird’s Unified Inbox, users can find all your brand communications in one place and keep the conversation going just like they were messaging a friend.

  • Marketing promotions
  • Sales conversations 
  • Customer support 
  • Order updates 
  • Community conversations & DMs

"The MVP bar for chat is so high that we would have to invest significant resources with this product complexity… along with our existing complexities, Sendbird really offloaded all of that from us."

Abhishek Madan,

Head of Product at Paytm

"With Sendbird... our customers are more engaged and consistently give us a CSAT score of 5/5. My advice to anyone who is digitizing their customer service would be to consider Sendbird as a strategic partner."

Ozgur Gemici,

Senior Manager at Virgin Mobile UAE

"The Reddit Implementation required custom work, and Sendbird has never blinked at that.... The team there has been willing and able to work with us at every turn; and in response to any challenges, help us figure out the right path to a solution."

Tom Beattle,

Director of Business Development at Reddit

Give customers a single view of your brand