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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Pusher to discontinue Chatkit in April 2020

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Mar 26, 2020 • 3 min read
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Adam Toth-Fejel
Sales Engineer
SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Pusher recently announced that it will deprecate the Chatkit product on April 23, 2020, so that it can narrow its product focus to Channels and Beams. We understand all too well the disruption this creates for product teams because we helped many of them migrate to Sendbird from Layer’s chat product when it shut down in 2019. Add to this disruption the uncertain times of a global pandemic, and the difficulties only feel greater.

Naturally, you’d want to be careful about your next chat partner. Given two consecutive shut-downs–first Layer and now Pusher’s Chatkit–it’s more important than ever to choose a chat partner that can offer you a long-term commitment, a trusted partner that will be able to advise on achieving a painless migration.

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Fortunately, Sendbird has already helped companies and developers migrate from their chat providers. Using our migration API and support teams, we’ve assisted countless companies through chat migrations–companies like Hinge, Accolade, Paytm, KeepTruckin, RallyHealth, CommonStock, Branch Messenger, and Dubizzle, to name a few. We’re excited to support both these market-leaders and growing businesses alike. The chat space is a crowded and competitive field, so we’re grateful to have raised a $102 million Series B funding round as a testament to investor confidence in our company and to our long-term commitment to our customers’ success.

To migrate from Pusher’s Chatkit to Sendbird’s chat API, we’ve developed a solution to move your app’s data regardless of its scale or how active your user base might be at any given time. Basically, we batch migrate all of your historical chat data to Sendbird’s servers and, once the migration is complete, you deploy your app’s code with the Sendbird SDK.

Learn how to migrate your chat from Pusher to Sendbird now.

Having proven this process out in countless migrations, including during Layer’s shutdown, Sendbird has transferred applications without data loss. Based on this and other extensive migration experience, most companies tend to go to market with Sendbird in days and save significant engineering resources in the process. And, if you run into trouble or difficulty, Sendbird’s support team can make sure to help you launch your new chat service in no time.

After helping Hinge migrate to Sendbird, for example, CTO Ben Celebicic offered the following feedback:

“We decided on Sendbird primarily for two reasons: their product seemed very much in line with our needs (i.e., richly-featured chat service), and their client base gave us confidence that they would be able to handle our traffic and projected growth.”

With a focus and passion to be the best interactions platform to drive user engagement and experience, retention, transaction velocity, and sales conversion for your app; Sendbird invites you to the cohort of market-leaders who have already made the decision to partner with the world’s number one chat API. Sendbird has focused on providing the best customer support and chat experience since the beginning and we will continue to do so well into the future.

Check out our GitHub page to learn how to migrate seamlessly.

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