The Importance of Monthly Active Users (MAU) for Apps

The Importance of Monthly Active Users (MAU) for Apps

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As a product marketer, you may constantly ask yourself how to keep your app alive and kicking. One of the most critical metrics for measuring your business’s health is monthly active users (MAU). 

MAU can provide valuable insights into user engagement and app retention and give you an idea of how effective your marketing efforts are. This blog will dig deeper into what MAU is, how to calculate it, and why it is an essential metric for app marketers. 

What is Monthly Active Users (MAU)? 

Monthly active users (MAU) is a metric used to measure the total number of unique users who interacted with an application over 30 days.

It measures user engagement within an app, giving insight into how well it does in terms of user retention. It also indicates how much value users are getting from your app — if you have a high MAU, users are likely interacting with your app regularly, and chances are they’re happy with it. 

On the other hand, if you have low MAU, you don’t have many users reaching that “active” status on your app. 

Why is MAU an important metric?

There are a few key reasons to track MAU: first, it’s a strong indication of engagement; second, it allows you to see how viral your app is; and third, it helps you understand your customer retention rate. All of these insights are essential for the success of your app. Keep reading to learn more about why MAU matters and how to increase your own active users.

Calculating MAU also helps product marketers understand user behavior on their apps more clearly. Understanding user behavior can help inform decisions about product features and design updates based on user feedback or trends in usage patterns across different versions or demographics.

How to Calculate Monthly Active Users? 

The formula for calculating MAUs involves dividing total active users by total downloads over a period of time. 

For example, if 10 people download your app in January, but only 5 people use it in February, then your MAUs would be 5/10 = 0.5 or 50%. 

Why is Monthly Active Users important? 

Understanding monthly active users is important because it provides insights into overall user engagement with an app over time and allows product marketers to make informed decisions about their products’ future development plans. 

Knowing how many users were active during a given month can also provide useful information about what types of content and features resonate best with users so that marketing efforts can be targeted accordingly. Additionally, tracking MAUs over time can help identify potential issues with user retention and engagement that need to be addressed to improve user experience and boost customer loyalty going forward. 

Track user engagement and reward loyalty

Knowing when and how users engage with products or services can provide valuable insight into how to keep them around. Companies can use MAU data to better understand user behavior, allowing them to develop loyalty programs specifically targeting those users who are most likely to keep engaging. 

Not only does this help make customers feel valued, but it also helps companies stay agile and focused on customer satisfaction, as well as staying ahead of the competition.

Improve your app’s design and user experience 

MAU data can give you invaluable insight into how users interact with your UI and user experience. 

MAU helps app designers evaluate how the existing designs are working and whether or not improvements should be made to retain more users. You can also see which features are being used properly and what needs to be improved. With clear objectives from the initial design phase, developers can make slight UI changes to maximize the user experience for increased app retention in the future.

What do changes in MAU mean?

An increase in MAU often indicates that (new users + reactivations of lapsed users) > churn of existing users. This new user engagement could be driven by a new advertising campaign, positive press, or the app being featured in the app store, which can drive an increase in downloads and new users. 

A MAU decrease could indicate something wrong with the product or service that needs attention. addressing issues that have put off existing user experience via a new release or feature can help reduce churn rates among these users; this, in turn, would help to increase MAU.

When it comes to reactivating lapsed users, start-ups can reach out to them with email campaigns or push notifications. 

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