Introducing the new Sendbird mission

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John S. Kim CEO & Co-Founder of Sendbird
Introducing the new Sendbird mission

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Today, I’m excited to share that we’ve updated our mission statement at Sendbird.

When my co-founders and I first launched Sendbird four years ago, it was because we saw a need in the market from a new generation of mobile apps that were looking to create conversations between their users but didn’t have the engineering bandwidth to build it themselves or believed as an engineer that it was a waste of resources to reinvent the wheel building a complex feature set like chat. We created Sendbird Chat, a rich embedded chat experience available over an API and the company took off quickly – to our surprise. Our mission was to digitize human interactions for businesses.

Back in April, we launched Sendbird Calls, enabling voice and video interactions on our platform. Fast forward to today, and we’ve helped to empower tens of thousands of applications — from food-delivery and ride-sharing services to healthcare organizations and education-technology platforms, from e-commerce apps and live-streaming groups to fantasy sports groups and social communities — all with chat, voice and video. 

When I talk to our customers and see what they’ve built and hear their feedback, I see a common thread. They are not just looking to enable chat or turn on a few communication features, they’re looking to create real relationships and bonds with their users and between their users. They’re looking to create memorable experiences that build engagement, retention, and ultimately, loyalty. They’re looking to help a student in a village in Indonesia find a tutor in a virtual classroom, or allow a patient to get remote care in a digital clinic, or connect hobbyists across the world in a live stream. They are looking to create experiences where their customers can laugh and cry and fall in love.

To be the long term partner to our customers we strive to be, we knew we needed to revisit our assumptions and elevate our focus, from enabling interactions to building connections. This meant rethinking our roadmap, launching new products, and changing the way we think about the company.

I am deeply grateful for our customers who help build Sendbird together, and am incredibly proud of how far our team has come and where we’re going. I look forward to working with our team, partners, and customers to realize our greater mission – building connections in a digital world, and open the next chapter of Sendbird.

You can read our full mission statement on our website

Thank you for your continued support,

John Kim


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