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Build Google AI-powered chatbots: Introducing Google's PaLM 2 conversational AI support for the Sendbird chatbot API

Supercharge your customer journey with custom AI chatbots!

Only two days after Google announced upgrading its conversational AI engine at Google I/O, we are excited to launch our integration of PaLM 2, Google’s new Large Language Model (LLM), to Sendbird's chatbot API. This new integration extends our chatbot API capabilities beyond our current ChatGPT offering, giving customers additional flexibility in the use of technology to power conversational AI chatbots in web and mobile applications.

The generative AI technology underlying OpenAI's GPT-4 and Google's PaLM 2 offers incredible opportunities to create more engaging and personalized chatbot experiences. Below is all you need to know about our new integration with Google’s new generative AI.

Different types of conversational AI: What’s the difference between Bard, LaMDA, and PaLM 2?

PaLM 2 generative AI
PaLM 2 generative AI

Bard is an experimental conversational AI service by Google. In March, Google opened up its AI-powered chat experience to the general public and made it available in the U.S. and U.K. Bard competed with OpenAI's ChatGPT by generating fresh responses by drawing on information from the web.

PaLM 2 is Google’s new Large Language Model (LLM), replacing LaMDA. LaMDA is a lighter language model version that initially powered Bard to save computing power and allow greater user scalability. Because of LaMDA, Bard appeared back in March to be a less capable generative AI than ChatGPT. Today, PaLM 2 intends to rival GPT-4.

What did Google announce at Google I/O?

Google I/O 2023
Google I/O 2023

Google announced the release of PaLM 2, a new Large Language Model (LLM) that competes directly with OpenAI’s GPT-4. PaLM 2 powers Bard and extends the quality of its conversational answers, offering new generative AI experiences such as creative writing, text analysis, coding, math problem-solving, and more. PaLM 2 will soon support over 40 languages, including Japanese and Korean. The PaLM 2 generative AI engine is also accessible to developers. As a result, Sendbird offers this to all customers who are building chatbots in their web and mobile applications.

How to leverage Google’s PaLM 2 conversational AI capabilities in your app's chat

To leverage Google’s PaLM 2 conversational AI in your chat app, you can use Sendbird’s chatbot API. If you already have a Sendbird-enabled chat app. All you need to do is enter your PaLM 2 API Key in the Sendbird dashboard and create a Bard-enabled chatbot to deploy it in any of your app’s chat channels.

Sendbird integration dashboard for Google AI
Sendbird integration dashboard for Google AI

As a developer, you only need to integrate a few lines of code to leverage the Sendbird chatbot API to create, integrate, and deploy chatbots to your app.

How to revolutionize your chatbot app experience with a chatbot API

To quickly revolutionize your chatbot experience with a simple API, enable chat in your app with Sendbird's free 30-day trial. Our API docs will guide you to implement chat quickly. We also recommend that you check out our tutorials to build a simple proof-of-concept application for iOS, Android, or JavaScript. Also, consider using the Sendbird UIKits, the fastest way to get a chat application to market.

Unlocking engagement, CSAT, and retention with Sendbird's generative AI chatbot API

With the advancement of generative AI, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent their chatbot experience. The sky is the limit if businesses move away from legacy scripted chatbots and AI engines like Dialogflow, which have limited abilities to understand context and questions that were out of the scope of training data. By taking context into account with first-party data-driven prompts and producing conversational messages, conversational AI chatbots open a new world of possibilities to increase engagement, user satisfaction, and retention. That’s in addition to the tremendous operational efficiency gained from replacing human intervention with the efficient resolution of support requests and deflection with chatbots.

Businesses leveraging the power of social interactions with in-app chat are poised to take full advantage of this game-changing technology to enhance sales, support, and user experiences. Sendbird's chatbot API is the perfect middleware for online businesses to reap the benefits of new LLMs’ capabilities that meet customers' needs. The Google AI integration will be one of many, and we will soon be announcing more generative AI chatbot capabilities, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, happy Bard-like AI chatbot enablement! 🤖

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