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Introducing Sendbird’s ChatGPT-powered chatbots for a renewed chatbot experience

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Key takeaways

  • Sendbird launches new ChatGPT-powered bots and extends its chatbot API for web and mobile apps.

  • Developers can build AI chatbots with only a few lines of code using Sendbird's new chatbot API.

  • Non-devs can seamlessly add conversational AI chatbots to their app via the Sendbird dashboard.

  • New humanlike and personalized AI chatbots boost long-term business growth and profitability.

Here's an overview of how ChatGPT and chatbots can be incredibly useful in increasing user engagement and ultimately driving customer loyalty.

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Conversational AI & ChatGPT-powered chatbot introduction 

Chatbots have become a popular tool for businesses to improve customer engagement, streamline operations, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

However, many conversational AI chatbot experiences fall short of customer expectations and do not fully realize their value proposition's promise.

That’s where Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) comes in to help create AI-powered, natural conversation. ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot based on large language modeling, from OpenAI. Where is ChatGPT hosted? It’s thought to live in Microsoft's Azure cloud, making it fast and easy to integrate into Sendbird’s in-app communication platform.

The exciting part of the ChatGPT integration into a cloud-operated chat for web and mobile apps is that businesses can quickly deploy the new functionality on any device and any region of the world in just a few clicks or chatbot API calls.

With ChatGPT-powered chatbots by Sendbird, businesses can take their chatbot capabilities to the next level with generative AI, providing customers with a more effective, personalized, and user-friendly experience.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of this new chatbot AI and how ChatGPT can help businesses elevate simple automated bot interactions to a human-like level that drives higher satisfaction, emotional connections, and therefore, long-term value and business growth.

How can ChatGPT-powered chatbots improve customer engagement?

ChatGPT-powered chatbots provide a more conversational experience for customers.

These chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to make their responses more human-like and engaging. By training them with first-party data from previous customer emails, SMS, chat, calls, customer relationship management software (CRM), and related business content, ChatGPT bots better comprehend message intent. In AI chatbots, ChatGPT enables the conversation to be more personalized and relevant.

These meaningful conversations are immensely more valuable than previous interactions with script-based or decision tree chatbots, which often get stuck and repeat themselves because they lack the understanding of where the customers are in their journey and what their situation is.

Fresh dialogues, made possible with generative AI-powered chatbots, elevate communication quality and develop a stronger sense of care for customers. They also create deeper connections between brands and users, increasing customer loyalty.

Script-based or decision-tree mobile chatbot struggles to understand a customer's needs and repeats the same question.

Script-based or decision-tree mobile chatbot struggles to understand a customer's needs and repeats the same question.

What are the benefits of using ChatGPT-powered chatbots for operational efficiency?

ChatGPT provides quick and accurate responses to a wide range of questions, removing the need for human resources or at least delaying their involvement.

By ingesting and training on a corpus of proprietary business data, ChatGPT can provide high-quality support to users. It is therefore more likely to help them resolve issues independently. If not, ChatGPT can streamline the transition to a human agent by summarizing the customer case, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. Sendbird's Salesforce Connector includes a ChatGPT-powered summarize function that saves agents time and improves ticket time-to-resolution.

The exciting part of the ChatGPT integration into a cloud-operated chat for web and mobile apps is that businesses can quickly deploy the new functionality on any device and any region of the world in just a few clicks or chatbot API calls.

This plays a tremendous role in making the revolutionized AI chatbot experience almost instantly available 24/7 to all users on the Sendbird platform. With Sendbird hosting over 300 million monthly active users, you don’t have to host your own ChatGPT bot. Instead, ChatGPT conversations have the potential to scale to new heights across verticals such as healthcare, social and communities, on-demand services, fintech, travel and hospitality, marketplaces, education, and many more in minutes.

How can ChatGPT-powered chatbots improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?

If you’re looking for a boost in customer happiness and loyalty, chatbots powered with ChatGPT have been found to significantly improve customer satisfaction and retention by providing a more personalized and conversational experience. By understanding customer intent and providing relevant and helpful answers, these AI chatbots can create a positive impression and build customer trust, increasing repeat business.

ChatGPT-powered chatbots can also help businesses efficiently gather valuable customer feedback and insights, enabling them to improve products and services while better meeting the needs of their customers. For example:

  • Healthcare: ChatGPT-powered chatbots can provide patients with company information on symptoms and treatments, schedule appointments, and provide medication reminders. This can help improve patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment plans.

  • Social and community apps: Deploy ChatGPT chatbots to help social community managers moderate discussions, offer support to users, and provide personalized recommendations. This can improve user engagement and loyalty.

  • On-demand services: ChatGPT-powered chatbots can help customers schedule services, track orders, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. This can reduce canceled or delayed orders, thereby improving customer satisfaction and driving further orders.

  • Travel & Hospitality: 24/7 ChatGPT hotel customer support and ChatGPT ticket booking, anyone? ChatGPT-powered chatbots can help customers with everything associated with securing flights and hotel rooms, recommend local attractions and restaurants, and provide always-on assistance no matter the time zone. This enhances the travel experience and therefore improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Marketplaces: ChatGPT-powered chatbots can help buyers find products and services, track orders, and receive relevant recommendations. Chatbot GPT AI can advise sellers based on customer purchase history, thereby improving conversion and deal velocity, and solidifying buyers' trust.

  • Education: Help students with homework assignments, provide personalized study plans, and answer common questions with ChatGPT-powered chatbots to improve student involvement and diligence.

  • Fintech: ChatGPT-powered chatbots can provide assistance to summarize spending, flag unusual purchases, itemize spending, and provide suggestions to help users manage their money better.

How does Sendbird enable businesses to customize their AI chatbot experience?

Enabling ChatGPT-powered chatbots for developers is quick and easy, requiring only a few lines of code using the Sendbird chatbot API. The code below shows how simple it is to:

  • Connect the OpenAI API with Sendbird

  • Create chatbots and configure the ChatGPT parameters and prompts

  • Add any chatbot to any channel in the web or mobile app

Abstracted Sendbird integration API helps create a ChatGPT-powered bot in a chat app in less than 20 lines of code.

Creating a customizable AI chatbot with Sendbird is also possible for chat administrators with no coding skills. The administrator can integrate the OpenAI API key and then set up and test bots directly in the Sendbird chatbot dashboard.

ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot configuration and testing UI in the Sendbird dashboard.

ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot configuration and testing UI in the Sendbird dashboard.

How to build your own AI chatbot

If you’ve found yourself asking: Can I create my own ChatGPT chatbot? 

You can, easily, with Sendbird’s ChatGPT capabilities. 

With the introduction of ChatGPT-powered chatbots by Sendbird, businesses can now engage state-of-the-art technology to build custom ChatGPT chatbots that revolutionize the customer experience. 

GPT AI takes chatbot interactions to a new level with human-like and personalized interactions. The experience improves user engagement and satisfaction, which drive applications' top-line revenue growth. In addition, cloud-based automation boosts operational efficiency with 24/7, scalable, and global availability.

With Sendbird's new ChatGPT integration and chatbot API, you can now build your own ChatGPT chatbot in minutes.

Product managers can do so with no code in the dashboard, and developers with just a few lines of code using the Chatbot API of Sendbird's platform. If you need to embed ChatGPT chat in your app, build a quick proof of concept to get used to our simple chat APIs. Many tutorials and samples are available on our developer portal for JavaScript, Android, and iOS. 

To immediately see the ChatGPT-powered chatbot in action, try the web demo. Once ready to turn on the ChatGPT chatter in your app, start a 30-day free trial

Now go have fun building a chatbot with ChatGPT! 🤖 💬

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