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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Introducing Reporting & Analytics for Sendbird Notifications

Reporting and analytics
May 17, 2023
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Adena Demonte
Product Marketing Manager
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

In today’s economic environment where every expenditure is scrutinized, amidst rising costs of third-party mobile communications, it’s more important than ever to have accurate and complete ROI visibility.

As marketers and product managers, data is our lifeblood. Without accurate data, we cannot understand how our campaigns are performing, or take the necessary steps to optimize the user experience and improve KPIs.

We would never put substantial budget and resources behind something we can’t measure — but that’s exactly what we are doing when we use external channels like SMS and push notifications to communicate with our customers.

Through conversations with 100 Sendbird customers, we identified that access to reliable performance data has been an ongoing challenge across mobile communication channels.

Data for the following areas is needed, and lacking, for mobile notifications across SMS, push, and public messaging apps:

  • Sent: How many notifications were sent? This data is typically available in third-party channels since they are billed on a per notification rate.

  • Delivery: How many notifications were successfully delivered? This data is unavailable or unreliable in third-party messaging services. (In-app notifications do not require delivery data as in-app notifications are guaranteed to be delivered to the mobile app.)

  • Open Rates: How many notifications were opened? This data is unreliable or unavailable for third-party messaging services.

  • Click Rates: How many notifications were clicked on? This data is unavailable or requires workarounds to measure for third-party messaging services.

As brands invest more into omnichannel communications, it is imperative that this data is accessible to marketers and product managers, as well as any other communications program manager responsible for reaching customers en masse.

We built in-app notifications to help mobile app owners and business users reach customers via mobile at a much lower price point compared to SMS and third-party messenger apps. In addition to high costs, we heard from our customers that analytics available to measure ROI via these channels, especially through SMS text messaging, were practically non-existent.

Over the last few months, we worked closely with customers to create an analytics dashboard to provide insights into the performance of all Sendbird Notifications, enabling executive-level reporting on investment, as well as the data needed to optimize message performance.

Seeing clearly for the first time: In-app messaging performance

Sendbird Notifications Analytics provides data on sent, open, and click rates for brands to assess the effectiveness of their in-app notifications. Delivery rates are not included as in-app notifications achieve 100% delivery unlike SMS and other third-party messaging channels.

This is an image of the Sendbird Notifications Analytics dashboard view

This new analytics functionality directly addresses the limitations faced by customers using external channels by offering comprehensive insights into key performance metrics. With Analytics and Reporting, Sendbird customers can justify the cost of notifications, while also efficiently managing notification allocation. 

Product managers and marketers can also test and measure the success of their notification program, leading to higher conversion rates and support to expand the in-app communications channel.

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