Sendbird–2016’s Top New Tool–voted into Stackshare’s top 10 Utility Tools of 2017

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Alek Jeziorek Staff writer
Sendbird–2016’s Top New Tool–voted into Stackshare’s top 10 Utility Tools of 2017

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We at Sendbird love Stackshare. So we’re happy to announce that we’re in the top 50 developer tools for 2017 and the top 10 utility tools! After being the #1 New Tool in 2016, this is the second year we’ve ranked on Stackshare.

2017 felt like a milestone for SendBird–with our Series A fundraising bringing us into the new year.

“We’ve had a really fast growing and hard working year in 2017,” said our CTO Harry Kim, “I really appreciate our engineering team for being the backbone of the Sendbird product. And it’s exciting to know that other developers see the value we’ve put into it.”

We’re already feeling plenty of momentum in 2018 with our recent 2018 DEVIES Award from the Developer Week Conference and a recent article in Forbes about startups founded in Korea. And, honestly, it’s humbling.

We’ve thanked a lot of people recently. But, again, to everyone who makes it possible from our customers, the developers who support us, and our investors to Stackshare and our awesome team–thanks for believing in us!

Top 50 Developer Tools of 2017

 Just for fun, these are Harry’s Top 5 Developer Resources:

  1. Pycharm
  2. Android Studio
  3. Xcode
  4. iTerm2
  5. Github

Here are the kind words Stackshare shared about us:

“Not to be confused with its top-10 neighbor SendGrid, Sendbird is a messaging SDK and chat API. Appreciated for its ease of use, scalability, and stellar support team, Sendbird provides in-app messaging on mobile apps and websites. It was our #1 New Tool of 2016, and it’s good to see it hold its own a year later against older, more established tools in this category. The Y Combinator alum raised $16 million in funding in 2017.”

You can read the full article on and see the other top tools featured in the top 50.

Hopefully we can ride this momentum to make it higher on the list in 2018!

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