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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Building a socially engaged community just got easier with Sendbird Chat

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Jan 4, 2023 • 5 min read
Sarang 1
Sarang Paramhans
Product Marketer
SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

An engaged community is easier to keep around and sell to than a dormant one. And building a socially engaged community becomes much easier with in-app messaging functions.

Social+ companies take their category and figure out how to integrate an authentic community into it. This model is on the rise for brands across the board (as we’ve talked about before), and having a seamlessly integrated in-app chat experience has quickly emerged as a must-have solution.

Take your conversations to the next level with in-app conversations.

How brands engage consumers in social communities is changing. To create a socially engaged community that immediately feeds back into your business, the social element must be an integral part of the app experience, not an afterthought.

Thankfully, bringing social engagement to your app is easier than ever with Sendbird’s standout chat features that enable our customers to continue connecting and building bonds between users on their apps and platforms.

Sendbird Chat features to grow your socially engaged community:

Your brand can engage consumers in social communities by implementing Sendbird Chat and utilizing these key features:

Group chat with messaging essentials, reactions, and multimedia sharing

One-to-one messaging has its place, but group chat is where social communities come to life. Cultivate a bustling online atmosphere with group chats capable of accommodating up to 20,000 users in a single Supergroup chat.

Encourage your users to express themselves using emojis and add depth to conversations with the option to share files, audio, images, videos, and links.

Blog supergroup

Plus, keep users engaged with the messaging essentials they expect like:

  • Online presence indicators
  • Typing indicators
  • Read and delivery receipts
  • Unread message counts
  • User mentions
  • Reactions 😃😎😍
  • Polls
Blog message notifications

Even in bad network conditions, users stay engaged with their groups thanks to offline messaging capabilities. Plus, with push notifications for every new message, users get gentle reminders to return to the conversation.

Whether people are connecting over their shared love for racing or spreading the word about the latest product release, supergroup features help keep your customers in-app and plugged into the community.

Sendbird for community demo video mobile content offer background

Your app is where users connect.

User profiles and search

While some people enjoy the cloak of anonymity, others prefer showing off their identities. Now, you can allow users to choose and change their profile names and photos. Profile names and pictures make it easier for users to find familiar faces and stay connected and communicate with the people they know – sparking even more meaningful conversations within your platform.

Blog user profile

With the new search feature, users can also search for other users straight from chat and start engaging right away.

Message search

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wasted half an hour scrolling through countless messages to find the one you need ✋. Now, users can easily search messages and find what they’re looking for right away – no endless digging required.

Blog message search


Moderation is an inevitable part of social communities. Keep your users safe from bad actors and unsafe content with user moderation features like:

  • User banning
  • Muting
  • Reporting
  • Blocking

Plus, proactively protect your communities with content moderation capabilities like:

  • Auto-Image moderation, which detects Inappropriate images that don’t meet your guidelines before they’re shared.
  • Text moderation capabilities, such as profanity filtering, domain filtering and regex filtering which automatically removes target keywords from the conversation before they’re seen by other members of the community.
Blog text and image moderation

Safeguarding your communities against bad actors is easier with access to our robust user and content moderation features. After all, it’s hard to keep people engaged when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.


Deepen connections between users with announcements. Whether you want to nudge user participation in the community, share promotional content and offers or quickly update everyone on changes to community guidelines, announcements are a great way to send targeted messages to users and drive higher engagement.

Announcements allow you to send concurrent messages to up to 10,000 users at one time in a non-intrusive and intuitive way, keeping everything streamlined, simple and engaging for your community.

Nurture and scale a socially engaged community with chat features targeted towards engagement

In social communities, authentic connections between users are everything. Intuitive and robust chat features are critical to cementing those connections for deep social engagement.

Today’s users expect their favorite platforms to be comparable to the big messaging giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. To scale and engage, you must give people the experience they expect or risk losing them to other online social hangouts.

Sendbird has been leading the charge on in-app chat for a while — with 300 million users (and counting) sending 7 billion messages on our platform each month across the globe. And part of our commitment to putting the power of conversations into the hands of every developer and brand means that we’re constantly evolving and improving our chat offerings.

For businesses currently building or scaling a customer community and looking to stay on top of constantly shifting user expectations, leaning on a partner that is already paving the way in chat just makes sense.

“Sendbird has always supported us, even if we were the ones that caused the issue… this made us feel really confident about our ability to get the support we needed.”

-Jason Pearson, an Android developer at Hinge

“Sendbird really made us feel like we had a partner, a true partner.”

-Director of Software Engineering, Providence Health

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