Keep agents informed & productive with Admin Notifications for Sendbird Desk

Keep agents informed & productive with Admin Notifications for Sendbird Desk

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We’re happy to announce a new feature for Sendbird Desk that streamlines internal communication between admins and agents to boost agent productivity. This new feature, called Admin Notifications, allows admins to communicate information and updates directly to agents within the Sendbird Desk dashboard. This way, agents receive important updates without having to leave the dashboard where they are working on support tickets.

Admin Notifications are broadcast messages sent by admins to agents only. External customers are not able to view or send these types of messages. Admins can use these messages to disseminate information company-wide or only to a specific team of agents. Admin Notifications can be applied to a variety of use cases, such as introducing a new company policy, enabling a process change, or welcoming a new teammate. Admins can also schedule these notifications in advance and edit the details of the message.

Agents view Admin Notifications at the top right banner of the Desk dashboard under a new bell icon. A popup window allows agents to read through the messages without having to leave the screen they are on in the Desk dashboard. Notifications will remain highlighted until read by the agent. Admin Notifications are labeled as critical, major, or minor to help the agent understand the priority of the message as defined by the admin.

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