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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Introducing cloud video recording for Sendbird Live

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Jan 12, 2023 • 4 min read
Emmanuel Delorme
Product Marketing Manager
SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

We’re excited to announce a new cloud video recording feature for Sendbird Live! Cloud video recording lets your organization record all in-app live video streams with the simple flip of a switch. Integrated into the Sendbird dashboard, the feature doesn’t require using precious engineering resources. For those interested developers, however, an API for external download will be available soon. It will allow your organization to download your recordings from the Sendbird AWS simple storage service (S3) and enable the direct upload of your content onto your own AWS S3.

Cloud video recording setup screen in the Sendbird dashboard

Why enable cloud video recording of live events?

Cloud video recordings of your live events offer many benefits, and there are various use cases across industries.

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In-app live streaming made easy.

  • Post-event viewing or playback: This is particularly useful for webinars, concerts, festivals, tradeshows, conferences, workshops, and sporting events being streamed live to a global audience, as viewers in different time zones may not be able to watch the event in real-time.
  • Training and educational purposes: For example, a healthcare organization might use the recording of a workshop to train new patients on their platform. A teacher or an organization may use a lecture or seminar recording to provide continuing education to students and employees. Recorded content also allows learners to study the material on their own schedule, at their own pace, and to refer to it as needed to improve retention overall.
  • References or archives: In healthcare, for example, clinical interactions can be used as a reference for quality improvement initiatives to identify areas of refinement and implement changes. A recording can also be used to demonstrate an organization’s commitment to transparency.
  • Reaching a wider audience: Cloud video recording allows individual content creators and brands to amplify their reach via social media and the web in general. After recording a live event on your apps or website, you can decide to make it available on social video platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Using these platforms enhances global content sharing and increases brand visibility.
  • Ongoing marketing and sales activities: For example, live product demonstrations and promotions in online marketplaces can continuously be made available to customers to drive consistent monetization.

Cloud infrastructure vs on-premises infrastructure for cloud video recording

Here’s why you should consider cloud infrastructure as opposed to on-premises infrastructure for implementing and storing your cloud video recordings.


One of the key advantages of cloud video recording is its scalability. With cloud recording, you can easily adjust the amount of storage and processing power you need to meet the demands of your live-streaming events. If the number of live events gets larger or longer than expected, don’t fret! You won’t need to manage storage and processing resources as if you were recording on-premises. The Sendbird video platform will automatically scale and process all your content recordings simultaneously while making every event’s content available as soon as your events end.


Because cloud video recording is operated on Sendbird’s highly resilient infrastructure, you can be confident that your live streams will be recorded and stored despite technical issues or outages. The redundancy, load balancing, monitoring, and disaster recovery plans will ensure that you don’t lose any valuable content. On-premises recording, however, significantly increases the risk of losing live content.

Cost efficiency

Cloud recording is immensely beneficial for organizations that want to avoid dedicating engineering resources and incurring the capital cost of investing in expensive software and hardware to build and maintain an on-premises video infrastructure. With Sendbird, you only pay for the storage and processing power you need on an as-needed basis.

Build fast and scale big with Sendbird Live

Whether you’re hosting large-scale events, small webinars, or anything in between for your communities, healthcare, marketplace, gaming, or educational business, cloud recording provides you with a powerful way to host engaging live events that can be stored and monetized for long periods of time.

With cloud video recording, your audience can enjoy your video streams across the globe, on their own schedule, right at their fingertips, and in the comfort of their home. You can extend your reach by publishing your private content on public video platforms and getting your audience to easily share your content.

To experience Sendbird Live in minutes, head to the Sendbird Live dashboard. Create an online event for your team and invite them to join your video stream using the Sendbird web, iOS, and Android demo apps. With the dashboard, you can set up your video stream quickly without needing a developer.

To start a POC, developers can take advantage of the Sendbird Live UIKits and sample apps for iOS, Android, and the web. The pre-built user interface (UI) components for the live stream & live chat will remove the need for initial design efforts.

To explore more Sendbird Live SDK features, visit our docs. From RTMP transcoding, camera filters, cloud recording, and more, Sendbird Live is the simplest video SDK to host live events in your app, grow engagement, build brand equity, and monetize a global audience with stunning content.

To get early access to all Sendbird Live’s features, contact us today! Our engineering team will get you set up in no time.

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