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How consumers prefer to communicate with businesses
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Give your SMS spend the ‘bird’ and save 50 percent on your notifications costs

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Mar 15, 2023
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Adena Demonte
Product Marketing Manager
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New survey
How consumers prefer to communicate with businesses
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Ebook Engage Mobile content offer background
New survey
How consumers prefer to communicate with businesses

What is your company spending each year on messaging customers via SMS? A lot? You’re not alone.

If your business sends 100 million messages a month across different regional markets, you could be spending anywhere between $50K to $320K monthly, depending on your provider and contract. That’s an annual spend of $600k to $4M.

You would think for the size of that budget line item, SMS would be an extremely high-performing channel. But the performance of SMS is difficult to measure, and not the best option in most post-acquisition use cases. 

In fact, product managers and marketers have told us that SMS is the “black box” of their business spend. Open rates are notably high… but what happens after the open? Conversion rates are… notably low. Plus, SMS is plagued with many pitfalls like dwindling trust and limited flexibility.

There’s a better way.

In fact, we guarantee it. Sendbird Notifications make it easy to drive 2X the conversion of SMS for half the cost. For a limited time, for qualifying businesses*, you can save 50 percent off your SMS contract by switching to in-app notifications, guaranteed.

Get a demo now.

Sendbird Notifications: Simply Powerful

Today, Sendbird announced the general availability of Sendbird Notifications. For many years, Sendbird has supported billions of user-to-user conversations across thousands of companies across the globe, with the mission to build connections in a digital world. We’ve built the most feature-rich and flexible chat platform, along with popular products like Sendbird Live, and Calls, to connect users.

Over the past year, our product team met with hundreds of our customers and identified a trend – the need to send more engaging brand-to-user mobile messages. Product managers shared a common frustration with both SMS and display-and-disappear push, and sought a more flexible and higher-converting way to connect with customers via mobile.

This is why we built Sendbird Notifications, the most flexible and customizable solution for adding persistent business-to-user messaging in your app.

And it’s low code, too. So you can get to market quickly and see return on investment.

Add Notifications to your app in minutes with a UIKit and use templates to build on-brand, interactive notifications in a few clicks.

With our new integrations with Braze and CleverTap, business users can create on-brand, rich interactive notifications directly from their existing workflows. Show Notifications to your users in a customizable view, conversations feed, or anywhere in your app. It’s up to you.

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We are looking forward to learning more about your use case and how we can help you drive more engagement and conversions with in-app notifications, for half the cost of SMS.

Interested in saving 50% off of your SMS contract? See a live demo now.

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Sendbird Notifications

Send notifications that remain accessible in your app

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