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Sendbird introduces Llama 2 for enhanced privacy and performance AI chatbots

Supercharge your customer journey with custom AI chatbots!

A spectrum of possibilities in AI chatbot LLMs

We proudly present a significant expansion in our conversational AI offerings by integrating the Llama 2 into our AI Chatbot. Llama 2 is Facebook's open-source Large Language Model (LLM). It complements our current offering of proprietary LLM  solutions from OpenAI (GPT) and Google (Palm 2). This strategic move allows businesses across industries, such as fintech and digital health to marketplaces and on-demand, to tailor their conversational AI approach to their unique performance and privacy needs.

Mitigating privacy risk with open-source LLMs

The recent scrutiny of third-party LLMs, such as the FTC investigation into OpenAI, has prompted businesses to reevaluate their AI strategies. By introducing an open-source Llama 2 integration, we're offering companies a solution that provides insights into the LLM architecture and training methodologies while eliminating the risk of data leaks by keeping private data on the Sendbird servers.

Enhancing performance with open-source LLMs

With Llama 2, companies can elevate LLM performance through fine-tuning. This involves post-training the LLM to extend its capabilities. For instance, a company may customize the language model for its industry by training it on specific terminologies, compliance standards, or contextual nuances. Sendbird offers assistance throughout this process, helping enterprises optimize performance tailored to their unique industry needs.

Getting started with conversational AI chatbots powered by Llama 2

Starting your journey with chatbots powered by Llama 2 is a seamless experience with Sendbird. As a leader in integrated communication for web and mobile apps, we provide the most featured chat API to host your chatbot. With the Sendbird Chat API, you will create a custom and modern messaging experience like those found in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, or Kakao.

Deploy a rich chat interface

Users will benefit from a robust interface that goes beyond the basics when interacting with your chatbot. The list of features below provides examples of vital components to create rich context, elevating the messaging experience to a social level.

  • Presence indicator

  • Typing indicator

  • Sent, delivered, and read messages receipts

  • Message cards embedding product images

  • And much more

App UI

Streamline your chat integration with the right developer tools

Sendbird caters to diverse chat integration needs offering a range of chat UIKits and SDKs tailored for popular web and mobile platforms, and coding frameworks. UIkits simplify chat integrations, while SDKs enable highly customized and branded chat user interfaces (UI) for hosting your AI chatbot. For websites, our web widget provides the simplest way to create an interface for your AI chatbot.

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The only UIKit you need.

Effortless AI chatbot creation and deployment

Deploying your chatbot with Sendbird is hassle-free with its user-friendly dashboard. With no code, you can:

  • Set up your chatbot and LLM parameters

  • Prompt your chatbot and ingest knowledge content

  • Test your chatbot in a sandbox

  • Guide the user conversation and minimize user typing with suggested replies

  • Bypass the LLM for frequently asked questions, the responses of which have been optimized with pre-scripted answers

Here’s a tutorial that walks you through creating and deploying an AI chatbot widget to your website. 

Sendbird SmartAssistant

Experience the power of Sendbird's AI SmartAssistant

Take it for a spin through a self-serve custom demo and effortlessly build your Proof of Concept (POC) in minutes with our user-friendly tutorials, samples, and comprehensive documentation. Your journey into the realm of AI chatbots begins now!

The first AI chatbot API expanding LLM choices

As businesses embark on the journey into the future of custom, in-app, conversational AI, Sendbird is committed to addressing the diverse needs of its customers. Llama 2 offers customers greater control over privacy and the ability to optimize their AI chatbot's performance. Alternatively, customers can create a chatbot using GPT from Open AI or Palm 2 from Google when seeking high-quality 3rd party options. With Sendbird, when looking for an AI chatbot solution, you get the following:

  • Maximum flexibility with different models.
  • The best and most customizable interface for your AI chatbot.
  • An easy way to deploy your AI chatbots globally and across devices.

Explore these possibilities today, and let's together shape the future of AI-powered customer communication! 🚀

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