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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Introducing a new video screen share API

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May 6, 2021 • 5 min read
Emmanuel Delorme
Product Marketing Manager
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

We are excited to announce the launch of a new video call screen share API for web and mobile applications. The API allows participants in a one-on-one video call to share their entire screen or a specific window with each other.

What is the value of adding screen share to your video chat app?

Video screen sharing is a powerful real-time collaboration and presentation tool. It saves the time and effort of sending files and allows the presenter to instantly display their content. Screen sharing dramatically increases visual engagement, collaboration, and the effectiveness of one-to-one communication.

With the Sendbird video calling SDKs, it is now easy to add screen sharing in your applications and collaborate in video calls. The new screen share API is simple and allows for a flexible implementation to optimize the video chat experience. The applicability of screen sharing is vast. Here are three examples:

Screen share API's use cases in video calls

Use case 1: Remote video in-app sales calls

Since the pandemic, many salespeople, consultants, and professionals have shifted to remote sales. Fortunately, video calls and video conferences have helped preserve the visual presence and personal touch that are essential to building and nurturing customer relationships. In this new virtual environment, effective communication is critical. Screen sharing is a visual engagement tool that helps create richer interactions and a higher level of comprehension. Desktop screen sharing helps remote professionals:

  • Walk a prospect through their product or service presentation
  • Playback multimedia content to illustrate use cases and benefits
  • Give live demos of digital products

With virtual customer engagement on the rise video calls and video conferencing enabled by video screen-sharing APIs are must-have tools to build a superior in-app communication experience.

They optimize sales effectiveness, increase customer satisfaction, and preserve the deeper connection we all need to navigate these challenging times. Also, screen sharing contributes to faster customer decisions, higher conversion, and consequently, higher revenue growth.

Now that we are beyond the pandemic and with in-person meetings resuming, video calls remain a preferred and convenient way to connect with prospects and customers quickly. Custom video chat apps enriched with chat messaging and screen-sharing APIs are critical, low-cost, and effective communication tools salespeople need. 

Case study Support mobile

Virgin Mobile UAE improved their CSAT with Sendbird Desk.

Use case 2: Medical voice and video consultations

In response to COVID-19, telehealth has evolved from a convenient solution to a necessity. Web-based or in-app mobile video calls have enabled doctors to keep in touch with their patients and maintain a close and personal bond. The doctor-patient relationship intensely relies on trustbuilt upon excellent communication. On the one hand, doctors need to listen carefully to their patients to make an accurate diagnosis. On the other hand, doctors need to be able to communicate to their patients a clear prognosis and care plan to maximize successful outcomes.

Live video call with screen share
Live video call with screen share in a mobile healthcare application

Screen sharing is a valuable tool in virtual meeting setups. It allows the doctor to show information as they would during an in-person appointment. By sharing X-rays or lab results from their desktop, doctors can point to the critical element they are commenting on in real-time. In tandem with the video caller’s view, doctors can observe facial expressions and assess if their patients are confused, concerned, or wish to ask a question. Furthermore, the care team can also use screen sharing to help patients complete paperwork, share calendars, or review bills. Screen sharing is a critical solution that improves healthcare communication radically, adding effectiveness to convenience and safety. As a result, screen sharing contributes to a higher quality of service, elevating patient satisfaction and thriving doctor-patient relationships.

Use case 3: Online video recruiting calls and video conferencing

Virtual interviews were already a common practice before the pandemic, but now they have become ubiquitous. A Gartner HR survey shows that 86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews to hire candidates during the coronavirus pandemic. Recruiting can be a tedious process and conference calls are a great alternative to screen candidates for skills and culture fit. Screen sharing is a pertinent tool to add to the mix. Picture a developer coding interview, a designer portfolio review, or a marketer presenting their go-to-market strategy. By sharing their desktop with a screen share conferencing API, candidates can better demonstrate their ability to communicate and show confidence to a panel in their subject matter expertise.

Get started with the Sendbird video screen share API

To implement screen share, first, implement our Sendbird Calls. At sign-up, you will receive 20 credits, allowing you to place calls and test-run your implementation for free. Here is more information on pricing once you'll go to production.

To streamline your screen share evaluation, you can:

  • Build a simple direct call app, implementing Sendbird Calls with one of the following step-by-step tutorials for iOS, Android, or JavaScript using our video calling SDKs.
  • Code in screen share using our iOS, Android, and JavaScript feature implementation guides.

These tutorials walk you through every step to make your coding a breeze. Simply copy and paste the example code snippets and enable screen share in your app within minutes.

Please check our docs for more details on our video call APIs and video call SDKs, such as web browser compatibility.

Sharing is caring

At Sendbird, we believe in helping our users create deeper relationships and get things done. Our chat, calls, and live SDKs enable any app to build the capabilities of public messengers like WhatsApp or streaming platforms like YouTube. The Sendbird video call APIs and SDKs will lift engagement, increase retention, and boost conversions in your video chat apps. 

With this new screen share API, Sendbird adds a dimension to video calls to help users become more effective online video communication. PC and mobile screen sharing for any website, mobile app, anywhere, and anytime is exciting! Whether your business is a marketplace, delivery service, financial service, healthcare, or social community, screen sharing enhances your video experiences for support, sales, onboarding, and collaboration to build trust and meet your goals through effective communication. 

Stay tuned to hear more about the friendliest video-calling API there is to create delightful voice and video chat applications!

In the meantime, don’t lose a minute and start building!

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