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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

Introducing screen sharing for live video streaming

Blog Cover Introducing screen sharing for live video streaming with Sendbird Live
Apr 4, 2023
Emmanuel Delorme
Product Marketing Manager
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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

SBM blog CTA mobile 1

Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

We’re happy to announce a new screen sharing API for the Sendbird Live React UIKit and Javascript SDK. With this new screen sharing API, developers can enable live event hosts to share their device’s screen with their global audience in real time.

This is a new feature of Sendbird Live, which allows developers to quickly integrate a live event host’s broadcasting and participant’s viewing capabilities into websites and mobile applications for up to one hundred thousand attendees. All the Sendbird Live UIKits feature out-of-the-box live video, live chat, and moderation to create massive user engagement while ensuring a safe experience for all viewers.

A powerful tool for live video streaming: A live video API for a massive boost in engagement

The Sendbird Live screen sharing API is a simple and intuitive programmable interface that allows developers to quickly and easily enable screen sharing during live video streaming. The API provides a set of commands and parameters to start and end the display of an application or a window from the host’s broadcasting device.

Here are multiple benefits of screen sharing during live streaming for healthcare, education, recruiting, consulting, and e-commerce online businesses:

  • Boost engagement: Screen sharing can increase user engagement by providing visual stimulation and focusing the audience's attention on what you do instead of what you say. For example, an online gamer can captivate their audience by showing their character skillfully dodging bullets, traps, and monsters - all while commenting on their play. This makes the game streaming more engaging and entertaining, thereby keeping viewers hooked longer.

  • Enhance comprehension: Screen sharing can also enhance comprehension, particularly for sales and support agents. The agent can demonstrate a software's capability and effectiveness by walking the audience through the steps to achieve a particular task. This increases the audience's trust in the product or service.

  • Increase sales: Screen sharing can be a powerful tool for increasing sales. E-commerce influencers, for example, can use screen sharing to provide real-time information during flash sales, thereby driving a high level of conversion. This is because seeing the product in action can help convince customers of its value, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

  • Enhance professionalism and polish: Screen sharing allows you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, establishing credibility and authority. Whether you're delivering a presentation, training new employees, or conducting a sales call, screen sharing allows you to present yourself and your brand in the best possible light.

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In-app live streaming made easy.

Beyond screen sharing: Engagement for live video streaming through live chat and calls

Live video streaming can boost user engagement and drive monetization. Here are some ways this can happen.

Enabling live video streaming watch parties

In addition to screen sharing, Sendbird Chat and Sendbird Calls offer powerful product APIs to boost engagement during live video streaming. Private group chat and video calls allow participants to interact with each other and foster a personal, intimate connection during a live stream. This is valuable for brands wanting to build a strong community and seeking to keep attendees watching the live event.

Driving sales during live online events

Sendbird Chat announcements and structured messages are ideal for running effective campaigns during an online event. These featuers allow users to send offers to tens of thousands of recipients at once. These campaigns are easy to monitor in real-time and drive higher conversions than SMS marketing since users don’t have to leave the app to review them. Traveloka, which uses chat during live events, has seen sales skyrocket by 450%.

If you want to learn more about driving growth with campaigns and notifications, check out our new low-code notification API and dashboard message builder for Braze and Clevertap.

Get started with Sendbird Live in minutes

To explore more Sendbird Live SDK features, visit our docs. From RTMP transcoding, video filters, cloud recording, and more interactive features, Sendbird Live is the simplest video SDK to host live events in your app, grow engagement, build brand equity, and monetize a global audience.

If you haven’t experienced Sendbird Live yet, head to the Sendbird Live dashboard. Create an online event for your team and invite them to join you using the Sendbird web, iOS, and Android demo apps. You’ll get them to experience the subsecond WebRTC Sendbird Live experience in minutes - without writing a single line of code.

Try Sendbird Live’s features with a free 30-day trial and build a global and mobile-first online community.

Happy live streaming!

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